Practical information

Everything you need to know before heading to UKA i Ås: Where to get your tickets, wristband exchange, age limits etc.


LinTicket is a web-based system handling tickets, payments, event bookings and resources. This is the easiest ticket system in Norway and they provide good solutions for ticket purchases.

You can download the LinTicket app and purchase your tickets, or on Buying tickets through LinTicket offers different methods of payment. You can pay by SMS, card, invoice, VIPPS or mCash. It’s safe and easy! You get your ticket by mail after purchase and we recommend printing out the ticket to paper. The tickets can also be scanned on smartphones. If you have a LinTicket account you can easily log in to see your tickets, but you can also buy tickets without an account. Easy guidance is available when purchasing both online and in the app. There are no refunds on tickets.

Terms and conditions for buying tickets through LinTicket:

It will be possible to buy tickets during wristband exchange at Studentsamfunnet and also in the entrance, as long as there are tickets left.

Printed tickets are not personal and can be used by other people, even though it says your name on it. Be careful with your tickets. All tickets must be exchanged to wristbands. A volunteer ticket cannot be used by a non-volunteer. Every ticket is only valid for one entrance. The QR-code is scanned and exchanged for wristbands attached to your arm. If the wristband is not properly attached its non-valid and you will not be able to enter. The wristband is personal and can not be shared.



To enter the premises you have to exchange your ticket to a wristband. This can be done in advance or when you arrive to the concert. This will happen either in Aud.Max or at Samfunnskontoret. It’s recommended to exchange your ticket to a wristband in advance to skip the lines in the evening. There will be different wristbands for each concert, so you will need a new one every day.

//Dates for wristband exchange//

Saturday 6.10
13:00 - 16:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Wednesday 10.10
14:00 - 17:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Friday 12.10
14:00 - 17:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Saturday 13.10
14:00 - 17:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Monday 15.10
10:00 - 13:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Wednesday 17.10
12:00 - 15:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Friday 19.10
12:00 - 15:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Saturday 20.10
12:00 - 15:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Wednesday 24.10

Friday 26.10
14:00 - 17:00. Where: Aud.Max.

Saturday 27.10
12:00 - 15:00. Where: Aud.Max.



The age limits for the concerts is set at 18. You must bring valid ID to show at the entrance. REMEMBER: If you look over 18 you still have to bring ID because the rules are very strict. If you are under the age of 18 and want to go to a concert, you can bring a guardian. The guardian must be over 25 years and cannot be influenced by alcohol. Both of you will need to show ID at the entrance. Some places inside will have an age limit at 20, but not the actual concerts. For more information, scroll down.

The reason we have to have such a strict ID validation is simple: UKA i Ås is driven by only volunteers and that means inexperienced people letting people in. To make their jobs as simple as possible, and make the lines shorter, we want to eliminate any discussions that might occur in the spritsløyfeentrance from people we aren’t sure are old enough. It might feel unnecessary to show ID when you are over 30 or 40 years of age, but if you look at it another way – how many people the same age can say that you had to prove you were old enough when going out.


It is possible to bring children and youths under the age of 18 to concerts and revue at UKA i Ås. If you are over 25 you can be responsible for to minors.

We have forms to fill out when you arrive, and in the entrance the guards will contact the daily manager who will greet you. You will join the manager to the office, and you will receive guardian and under-18 signs to wear around your necks during the whole concert. Contact us at to get the forms before you arrive.

It is important that everyone has valid ID cards when arriving, and the guardians ID will be copied to the form. After the concert, the guardian and the guest under 18 will have to leave the venue, and the signs will have to be handed in to the guards at the exit.


Wheelchair users are welcome at the concerts at Samfunnet, even though the venue is unsuitable for this. To get to Aud.Max and Festsalen you have to use an elevator. These elevators have to be operated by a guard. Companions to wheelchairusers gets free entrance. Tickets for the companion is issued at the entrance. Any questions about usage of wheelchair at Samfunnet during UKA can be asked to


Request for accreditation must be sent to no later than the day before the event. This must contain the full name and date of birth of the person/persons who wishes accreditation. Name will then be set up in the door where accreditation is distributed against the display of valid ID.


If you have forgotten or lost something at Samfunnet after a fun night, just come and ask for it at the Samfunnsoffice/UKEoffice the following day. During UKA we will sit on the counter in the office on Samfunnnet.

There are several ways to get to and from Ås (from Oslo) during UKA i Ås.

How to get here

From Oslo to Ås the train leaves 18 past every hour, with line L21 towards Moss. From Ås to Oslo the train leaves 50 minutes past every hour until 23.50

Some days (listed below) the UKEbuss will take you from Adamstuen - Oslo S - Ås, and back again.

Saturday October 6
03.00: Ås - Ski - Oslo S - Adamstuen

Sunday October 7
03.00: Ås - Ski - Oslo S - Adamstuen

Saturday October 13
03.00: Ås - Oslo S - Adamstuen

13.30: Adamstuen - Oslo S - Ås
16.30: Adamstuen - Oslo S - Ås

Sunday October 14
03.00: Ås - Oslo S - Adamstuen

Saturday October 20
03.00: Ås - Oslo S - Adamstuen

Sunday October 21
03.00: Ås - Oslo S - Adamstuen

Saturday October 27
03.00: Ås - Oslo S - Adamstuen

Sundag October 28
03.00: Ås - Oslo S - Adamstuen

about uka i ås

UKA i Ås is Norways longest studentfestival and is organised by students at the Norwegian university of Life Sciences. The festival is organised in even numbered years and the next UKA is in October 2018.


UKA i Ås is an old tradition with roots dating back to the 1890s when the first student revue was arranged at Den Høiere Landbrugsskole i Aas. UKA i Ås 2018 will be the 49th UKA arranged since 1924, which was when UKA as we know it today was organised for the first time.

UKA i Ås is arranged on a 100% voluntary basis. The UKEboard, which is elected at Studentsamfunnets general meeting every other spring, is responsible for ensuring that UKA in Ås is implemented in the best possible way. The board has committee managers and volunteers, which together consist of close to 1300 volunteers, representing more than 1/5 of the student base at Norway’s smallest university. Without such a commitment, UKA i Ås had not been what it is today. The ground pillars are voluntary work and good cooperation, which give UKA in Ås the strength it has.

With a visitor count of over 28,000, UKA i Ås is also Follo's largest cultural event. When Østlandets blad readers in 2008 were to celebrate the century's name in Follo, UKA in Ås won in front of several strong candidates.

In March 2017 a new UKEboard was elected, with Ingrid Espnes in the lead. She is the first female UKAleader since 2008 and the fifth over the years. The work on a new UKE is already underway and we are looking forward to seeing you in October 2018!

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The work with UKA is headed by the UKEboard, which consists of seven board members with their respective responsibilities and an UKEleader.

These areas of responsibility ( or “blocks” as they are called in the UKA-language) are Revue, Marketing, Events, Economy, Serving, Sales and Administraion. The UKAboard is elected by a democratic poll of Studentsamfunnet i Ås at the general assembly the year before the UKA year. This gives the board about a year and a half to plan the next UKE. 

 UKEstyret: Maylinn Dramstad, Ingrid Gravseth Espnes, Celine Grønvold, Hanne Tveter Åmdal, Celine Grønvold, Tale Desserud Noer, Agnes Aakre Hansen, Lars Erik Bredesen og Oscar Mork

UKEstyret: Maylinn Dramstad, Ingrid Gravseth Espnes, Celine Grønvold, Hanne Tveter Åmdal, Celine Grønvold, Tale Desserud Noer, Agnes Aakre Hansen, Lars Erik Bredesen og Oscar Mork


UKA i Ås is one of the highlights of at Studentsamfunnet i Ås. Every other year in October, Ås is turned upside down when Norway’s longest Student Festival will be arranged. 26 full days of concerts, revue, activities, courses, lectures, theme parties and other activities for young and old are arranged by the students at NMBU. We need your help!

See for more information about available volunteer positions.

Do you have any question regarding the positions or wonder why you should sign up for volunteer work during UKA i Ås? Email! 

The next recruitment period is from February 5. to March 4.


More information about our partners will be available soon.

Do you want your company to cooperate with UKA in Ås? Contact:


Read more about Multiconsult here


Read more about BaneNOR and trainee positions here



Got any questions or feedback? Do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by e-mail:, or at Studentsamfunnet in Ås.