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UKA i Ås


UKA i Ås ("THE WEEK" in Ås) is the longest UKE ("WEEK") in Norway, and takes place in October every other year. It is a four week colorful, pulsing student- and cultural festival arranged by the students at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. About 1300 voluntary students contribute to the creation of UKA.

UKA i Ås is an old tradition with its roots in the 1890s, when the first student revy("cabaret") was set up at what was then called Higher Agricultural School of Aas. Revys are a Norwegian cultural phenomenon and a big part of Norwegian students' social life, especially in Ås.



UKA i Ås is arranged every other year, which means that the students have about 18 months to plan each festival. It all begins with the election of a new board at the General Assembly of Studentsamfunnet i Ås in the spring previous to the UKEyear.

The UKEboard consists of the UKEchief and seven board members responsible for their own part of the organization. These seven parts (known as blocks) are Revy, Marketing, Event, Economy, Administration, Serving and Sales. 


Practical info

UKA i Ås will be cooperating with LinTicket, where you can buy tickets in advance. Visit Linticket to order your tickets!

All concerts at UKA in Ås are 18+ years old. You must always bring valid ID with you. Please see our information about guardians for any guests under 18 years of age. 

UKA i Ås is cooperating with Thon Hotel Ski and Saga Hotel Oslo. This means we can offer you hotel rooms at discounted prices. Read more here. 

Cashless is an electronic payment method, which eliminates the need for cash and credit cards at our events, to reduce lines at the bar.