Want to volunteer?


As a guard you represent UKA i Ås in a very important manner. You are the first person the guests meet when they arrive, and the last person they see before they leave Samfunnet. Your task is to take care of the guests and ensure that the events are carried out safely. If you are a caring person who likes to work with many different people, then this is the job for you. Join Vakthold!

Available positions: 80

Contact Torbjørn Haugland Wistrøm vakthold@ukaiaas.no



UKErevyen always promises to be a spectacular show, but there is a lot to be done on stage both before and after a performance. As a stage rigger, you’re the one who will set everything up ready before the revue and make sure everything is stowed away after the show. If you want to volunteer for a fun and easy job and aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty, stage rigger is the job for you!

Contact Emilie Gullberg Jørgensen rekvisitt@ukaiaas.no

Stage rigger


If you like to drive, meet artists, and are independent, then this might be the position for you! If you choose this volunteer position you will get assignments such as picking up artists and their equipment at Gardermoen and transporting them/it to Ås. To apply for this position you need to be permitted to drive a car in Norway. 

Available positions: 8

Contact Markus Markussen transport@ukaiaas.no



Do you like cooking? Do you manage to perform your best in stressful situations? Then we need YOU to apply for kitchen volunteer! You will get to work in a commercial kitchen and prepare the food that is being served during UKA. Apply for kitchen volunteer if you want a social and exciting position where time flies while working. 

Available positions: 2

Kontakt Fimke Frederika Pijfers kjokken@ukaiaas.no