Why become a volunteer?

Working as a “funkis” for UKA i Ås, means that you work as a volunteer for the festival. There are a lot of different positions that you can work with, that you can read about below. You might hear the Norwegian word “funkis” around, this is a nickname for the volunteers for UKA i Ås.

The whole festival is arranged for and by the students. This means that there are volunteer students working; in the entrance, the wardrobe, the bar, as guards, in the kitchen, in the UKEgrill, in the storage, putting out chairs, controlling lights and sound during the concerts/revue, transports and looks out for the artists and more. There is a position for you, no matter what you like to do. The hiring is done continuously so be quick to make sure you get your dream position!

UKA i Ås has long traditions, the festival is a result of over 100 years with voluntary work. This is a great way for the international students to really experience the Norwegian student culture at Ås. As a funkis, you get to have a lot of fun and meet new people across studies, committees and interests. It’s amazing to be a part of such a big event!

In addition to the social aspect and the experience is it to be a “funkis”, there are some other benefits. During UKA there are other prices for the volunteers on tickets, wardrobe and for food and drinks. There are also parties specifically for the volunteers, you get a t-shirt, a certificate and a medal for working as a volunteer.

The most important thing is nevertheless the experience, being a part of something bigger, your new friends and the memories.

Want to volunteer? check out the block vacancies below: