Concert:  Ole Ivars  og  Kjartan  Lauritzen 

Journalist:  Ingvild Pedersen   

miniUKA is finished with Ole Ivars and Kjartan Lauritzen. Totally opposite of each other. Not only with the music, but also their experience. Ole Ivars have played since 1964, while Kjartan Lauritzen produced his first song in 2014. This might be the reason why there are so many people at Samfunnet this night – something for everyone.

The first people to arrive at Samfunnet are two ladies in their fifties. They are obviously here to see Ole Ivars. Even though they don’t seem as excited as the Ås-students ready to party, it is clear that they are looking forward to the night. They tell me that they have listened to Ole Ivars their whole childhood. Later that night im about to realise that this counts for many people. When I ask people why they like Ole Ivars, many of them answers “nostalgia”.

Ole Ivars is ready to make a good show in their purple sparkling vests and a disco ball hanging from the roof. The audience is also ready to make a show – The students at NMBU always like to dance swing when that is possible. During the concert we hear everything from their very first song “Regnets rytme”, to the most popular ones “Kongen av campingplassen” and “Nei så tjukk du har blitt”. The atmosphere is amazing. They finish of with “Jag trodde  änglarna  fanns», and everyone are singing along.

The next concert is in Festsalen. When we arrive, there are already many people waiting there for Kjartan Lauritzen. We almost have to walk in a que on our way there, and soon many people are rushing to Festsalen. Lauritzen starts with “Fenomenet”, and the atmosphere is really different from Ole Ivars. However, the audience are many of the same people as at Ole Ivars. Maybe it is possible to enjoy both Ole Ivars and rap music.

With only three songs left, Kjartan Lauritzen says that he is a bit tired. He therefor asks the audience if anyone knows the lysics to “Nyte D”. Malin Danielsen is pointed out, and she is asked to join Kjartan on stage. She is singing along and is having a good time.

When “Fredag” comes as the last song the atmosphere is really good. However not good enough for Kjartan Lauritzen. He encourages the audience to do a “mosh pit”, and demand that people get crazy on this last song. And this is what happens after some encouraging from stage.  After this song, which could have been a good ending, he plays one of Aviciis songs “Levels”. This is to pay respect to Avicii who just passed away. The audience enjoy this, and the concert is finished with a boom. 

I’m lucky enough to get a short interview with Malin after the concert.  She is very happy with the night. She couldn’t have hoped for more. She thought it was very cool to be on stage with Kjartan Lauritzen and see all the Ås-students from stage. She concludes this experience with “It was really fun!”

I also speak with many people who are happy with the night. It seems like most of the people felt that the concerts had lived up to ,and overdid its expectations. And even though some felt that it was odd to have these to different artist on the same night, are there no one who think this after the concerts. Therefore, the last party night in miniUKA was  big success.





Maximal Ås-factor at miniUKA!

With its 10 454 members, and an average of about 500 posts a month, “Ås kommunes venner” on Facebook has become a remarkable phenomenon to follow. In this year’s miniUKErevy we got the honor to witness the actual creation, and other important details about the group, and its members.

Legendary opening


As a real Ås-student revy is something that lies really close to the heart. Thus, it was with great expectations, and lots of excitement the Tora and Thorvald curtains was pulled aside for the opening of this year’s miniUKErevy.

The first thing that meets the audience is hefty discussions about late trains, and other “first world problems” that the poor residents of Ås has to undergo every single day. Humor is present from the first minute,  and the actors seems to glow with confidence and passion.

When Åsa-Britt herself finally enters the stage with her characteristic fur hat, and distinctive opinions; the applause rages, and everyone gets totally starstruck.



The temperature of the conversation increases, and you realize that this is building up to an early highlight; namely the origin of the legendary Facebook-group “Ås communes venner”.



This is when the first song- and dance performance with a badass rhythm starts, something that really gets the show going, and reveals the work that is put into it.

Carefully chosen topics

The show continues with lots of creative sketches, characterized by politics and steams of hot wordplays. There is a clear connection between all the sketches during the whole night, something that puts the revy into a category of high prestige.  The story unfolds in a conglomeration of events that in the end leads to the big turning point: Eika is cut down!

This creates uproar amongst the Ås-friends, and the finger pointing reflects the attitudes that are central in today’s community, and the behavior of the political leaders.

Even though it is called the miniUKErevy, it can be concluded that there was maximal acquisition of the points by the audience, and this was a night that definitively will be remembered.


One of the people who made sure this entirety was represented so clearly was Monica Svenning Engmark, who has contributed to choreographing tonight’s dance performances. The UKEblogg is lucky enough to have a quick chat with her, and it is clear that she is very satisfies with the show.  Despite a background within dance and twirling, she says this is the first time she has choreographed dance herself, at least for a show of this caliber.


Many hours have been put into this, about 13-14 a day, so it has been more than enough time to feel the pressure of making something that’s impressive to watch, as well as it has to fit everyone who is performing.

Monica points out that customizing the dance difficulty for the actors, who have small or almost no dance background has been the biggest challenge. After questions about expectations, and the feeling of being finished, the hardworking choreographer says that she is very satisfied, and most importantly, it was fun to be a part of.


After a finished finale performance a bundle of the audience got a challenge to describe their view of the revy by only using three words. From feedbacks and reactions, it is reported that the revy was:



Funny, good and relevant.

Marte Bergene








Engaging, funny and alive.

Herman Wegger






Freaking good, Loved it, satisfied.

Emma Lindbäck

The extreme-sports day – wild, wonderful and wet!

Tekst: Ørjan Olsen Furnes

When I was covering the Extreme-sports day event, I have to confess I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I did the only logical thing, and squeezed myself into my tight compression jersey with a belief that the best way to experience the event was by participating. In the beginning the weather was gray and cold, but as we were starting, the  sun appeared with a message of hope. Despite the spring like conditions, it luckily doesn’t take a lot of time to get warm when you are doing extreme sports.

The event started at “Storebrand” with a lot of confusion due to the lack of information and with almost no visible track, except for a wooden wall, and a soapy tarpaulin, where all the participants were discussing whether we were going up or down the tarpaulin. After a couple of rounds with a review of the track, and a small demo it was ready to begin.


It turned out that the race only was the start of a competition consisting of four different parts, and all of us got to (except for the people who bailed after they saw the second exercise) climb over “Skogsdammen” (the pound by “Eika”) in a single rope between to trees. This led to friction injuries and a long que, but there was surprisingly many people who got across the pound without getting wet, actually almost everyone.

Thus, we were escorted into “Eika” for a climbing competition. We were climbing the easiest routes, and it was the fastest time that mattered. For a moment I actually qualified for the finale with the time: 27 seconds, but this only lasted a couple minutes before I was ousted by some impressive performances of 25 and 20 seconds.


The two best girls, and the two best boys met each other in a finale where they were fighting for the victory by pulling the orange UKA- tractor. A lot of the contestants had the laws of physics against them in this exercise, so the Ambassador of “Hankattene” regularly had to get of the tractor and push it.

Jørgen Dahl, wearing a Stunt-suit, was the winner in the boy’s class, and Ingrid Aas Myhr was the winner of the girls. The respectable second places went to Nora Colman and Zakarias Orrall. “This was fun!” I overheard Ingrid say after the day was over, and I have to say I agree with her. As I said in the beginning, I did not know what I was getting myself into, but I was positively surprised by how planned the event was, even though the participants got minimal information during it. Even though the shower between the extreme-sports day and the “revy” was very painful after the rope episode, it was definitively worth it. 


This is The Modern Times

Tekst: Julie Westergaard Karlsen

After a quick hello and an almost as fast cigarette break, I was sitting in the minibus with the guys from The Modern Times - modern times are busy as usual.

 Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

An average boys gang

 Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

The Modern Times consists of Terje, Jon, Jørgen, Magnus and Isak, a boys gang from Tromsø. Some of them have known each other since birth, others were adopted into the group on high school. «On average, we became friends in our youth, and on average we are 26  years old, so that is starting to be a while ago.

«Æ har de bæst»

Last year they released the album This Is The Modern Times, that consisted of amogst other, the singles Motörhead and Keyholes and Birds – however there are the other songs that wakes my interest. The titles as Misery, Depression, Boredom, Superficiality and Whatever makes me a bit worried. «Are you ok»? It takes a while before they agree on what to answer. Some say that it is going “ok” others “average” while Jon sais “it is a bit difficult”. In the end they conclude that Terje is doing good, and the others just ok, and that they are just on the average - they are doing ok. Terje is confirming the conclusion “Æ har de bæst”.


Different creative methods             

 Foto: Privat

Foto: Privat

 I have experienced that alcohol often can help on the creativity, and I am wondering if they share my perception. “You often come up with good ideas, but they are not that good”. Their best tips to get creative is to isolate yourself a bit. When they worked on their latest album, they went on trip to a cabin- “It wasn’t a cabine, it was a house in a cabin area”- with the technician and produser, food and beer, and used a week to work on the album, without being interrupted by the rest of life. Even though they have been busy with touring, they have already started working with their next album. That one is being created “some in Troms, and some on the cabin”. Already next Tuesday they are going back in the studio. Im telling them that we have a small studio in the basement, so who knows – maybe it is being created on Studentsamfunnet also? At least they promise to play a few of their new songs from the new album.


Good advice

 Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

The Modern Times is a likable gang, and they give good advice: “Stick to Terje!” and “Take pictures of apartments.” Terje, who is the most happy one, is also the most affluent – he has a job that pays a lot, where he takes pictures of apartments. He is luckily quite generous. You can just ask him nicely on vips, for example “beer and betting 1000kr,” and then Terje will fix it. The money is divided between beer and betting by “70-30,” so they are not addicted to betting, they just have some things in common with the average student. They have also played in some revues, but they “are a bit rusty,”- the similarities between us are huge. Since we know who the most affluent in the car is, we should also know who the least affluent is. Unfortunately, is that me, and Gunnar, the photographer. He should take pictures of apartments instead. We should stick to Terje.

Idiot Times?

The Modern Times are not only playing in Norway, but in other countries as well. Soon they are playing a concert in Russia, if they get their visa in time – they got the job only two weeks in advance. To be busy seems like what’s normal for The Modern times – they reached their flight with only minutes. “Idiot Times,” as a friend summarised it. They have also had the time to build up under the rumours of Norwegian promiscuity. When they were asked to share their wildest story, they told about the time they played for an audience that were totally naked – it turned out to be a the nudist association. This story was of course not true – but we can easily change that, A nudist organisations is probably the only thing missing from Ås.

 Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

Foto: Gunnar Størseth Haarr

miniUKA has been kicked off

Tekst: Julie Westergaard Karlsen og Silje Kvist Simonsen Foto: Bendik Hassel og Anne Guro Røsæg

miniUKA is here. That means miniUKErelay, a lot of concerts, bars and hangovers

 Sun, good atmosphere and relay

The miniUKErelay, and the whole miniUKA, was opened by STUNT and a remarkable smokeshow, before the UKEboss shared some words about UKA – which we all have been waiting for.

The miniUKErelay theme was Ticket to Ride, and the participants were taken on a wild, beautiful, and somewhat wet journey through the world before finally crossing the finish line at Ås Station, which was moved to Storebrand, by a very well-dressed conductor. Participants were visiting Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Russia, USA and Mexico during the relay. The challenges were many and varied – the participants encountered everything from footballcurling to miniskirace, before they finally met the wall. It is not easy to cross the border between the United States and Mexico. The highlight - for the spectators - was the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, also known as Skogsdammen.

The victory in the first and second heat went to Kontorfløyen and Salgsblokka, respectively, but in the finals, it was the Ozoneteam who finished the victory and vandreplakaten. We congratulate!

 Foto: Bendik Hassel

Foto: Bendik Hassel

Five questions about miniUKA

Five days of party, five questions, five talkative students. I have talked to them about what they think about the upcoming week.


1. What are your plans for miniUKA?

2. How many miniUKER and UKER have you been to? (Including Trondheim)

3. What is your best UKEmemory?

4. What’s the secret to combine drinking, party and studies for an entire month?

5. Dilemma: Would you rather date someone who could’ve been you mother, or painted fences for the rest of you life?


Hanna (20) 

 Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

«See if you can quote me in swedish» 

1.      Participate in as much as possible. Definitly Ole Ivars and silent Disco

2. Two, this is my second one.  

3. I can’t remember if it’s positive or negative

4. A lot of coffee and alcohol

5. Painting fences.  


Yngve (22)

 Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

1. Have fun, look after my friends. Some friends from home are visiting, so I have to look after them. Be a good host.

2. 2.

3. In the UKEgrill at work when Elinor thought I was from Sogndal. We didn’t speak in three months. Now she’s my girlfriend.

4. Respect hte one alarm you should have on your alarmclock. And Vodka Redbull.

5. Date someone who could’ve been my mother, but not more than eight dates!


Henrik (23 – after a long discussion about how old he was)

1. Have fun. Run 3000m beer. That’s my main priority.

2. 3, I have been to Trondheim once.

3. Tonight. I saw a guy throw up in my friends’ kitchen. Another good UKEmemory is from Trondheim. I adopted a chicken who became a good friend.

4. Drink in the evening, study during the day.

5. Freud say that you often are attracted to people who look like your mom. So it has to be the dating.


Håvard (23)

 Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

1. Experience Kjartan Lauritzen without getting thrown out of Samfunnet. It’s a hairy target. I’m a hairy target kind of guy.

2. 2 in Ålesund («they fcking have UKA in Ålesund»)

3. The best memory is from Ålesund. I was a judge on the waterpost in a bar to bar race. 7-8 people got bonuspoints for drinking their own urin, and 10 people drank naked. I was so drunk they had to close the post.

4. Drink in the morning and study  during the night.

5. I love my mom, definitly that one.  


Herr Anonym

1. Experience. Be drunk, it’s fun. Try new drinks and get inpressed by the bars.

2. It’s 3, I have been to UKEN in Bergen.

3. That’s from Bergen. Karpe Diem had a concert and a random guy sprayed the venue with a fire extinguisher. 4500 people were evacuated.  

4. Prioritize school before UKA! And work when you can.

5. Date someone who could’ve been my mom. My mom will never find out.


The UKEhelp helps you to help 

The answer to how you can have a fun miniUKE at the same time as you are contributing to prevention of child marriage in Malawi, you will get now.  

miniUKA is coming up and the student community is full of volunteering students that do their very best to make this week the best week so far this year. One of them is Selma Solenes Madsen, committee-boss of the UKEhelp. She has taken some time off from the preparations to tell us what her committee works with.  

UKA’ s charity comitee 

When we start talking, I have to admit to Selma that I don’t really know what the UKEhelp does. Luckily she is more than happy to tell us. “The UKEhelp is UKA’s charity comitee” she explains.  

-We provide the possibility for volunteer organizations to support their projects, and we organize different events, and give away the income that is collected.  

As committee-boss, Selma has the responsibility to choose which of the organizations that apply that are being supported. It is not an easy choice, but she decided in the end for a project that she meant stood out from the others.  

Radio against child marriage  

“This year the money is going to Plan International Norge, and their project Radio Timveni.” I barley have time to note the names before Selma eagerly tells me about the project she has chosen.  

-The project is focused on preventing child marriage in Malawi, when this is no longer permitted. Even though it is not permitted anymore, there is only a few of the citizens who knows about the law changes, and there are still arranged children marriages happening. In Malawi there are a lot of people who can’t read or write, and Plan is working to convey the information through radio, so children and teenagers can be enlightened about their rights.  

Bendik Hassel 1.jpeg

Take an unselfish selfie  

During miniUKA there are lots of possibilities to contribute to this good cause. Together with the Photo-club the UKEhelp is putting up a photobooth by the entrance of the bar area, that the partygoers can use during the party nights.  

-In the photobooth you can take funny group photos with effects and backgrounds, that are posted on Facebook.  

The committee-boss also hints for the possibility of taking a selfie with some of the big heroes that are performing during miniUKA.  

This year the UKEhelp also joined a new trend, and that is arranging “Silent disco”. “Last year we had karaoke, but since Silent disco has become really popular, we thought it could be fun to try it. If it is a really great success it will be back for UKA as well. The concept is easy; you rent a pair of headphones and dance in your own world. At the same time as you are supporting a good cause! If you haven’t tried it before, you have to pop by “Halvors Hybel” Friday or Saturday night.  

Save the bottle deposit (your bottles)!  

UKEhjelpa Maria B. Langhelle 1.jpeg

The UKEhelp is really facilitating for anyone to contribute to the collection of charity. On Sunday there is going to be an outdoor movie, and the UKEhelp will be ready with snacks that you can buy and enjoy for the movie. Then you don’t have to feel guilty about eating candy.  

The UKEhelp has another action that is even more doable for most people: 

-A strong appeal for people to collect their bottles! If you are having a preparty on the Saturday you have to leave the bottles, because on Sunday the UKEhelp is collecting bottles.  

You can also do a good deed by laying on your couch with a hangover, as long as you open the door for the UKEhelp, and give them your bottles.  

Meaningful work   

Even though there has been a lot of work as committee boss Selma is grateful for the possibility to contribute to UKA. But as boss for the UKEhelp she gets to contribute to more than just making sure that the students of Ås are doing well. “Collecting money for charity makes the work extra meaningful” she says.  

And even though her volunteers are going to be at the entire festival to support Plan and Radio Timveni, she is also enjoying all the fun stuff that is happening. “I am looking forward to all the concerts, and really just enjoying Samfunnet!” Selma finishes.  


Merriment, mischief and mates 

An important part of getting drunk is drunk-food – and the one in charge for this is Ulrik Melhuus, known as the king of late-night snacks during miniUKA and UKA. He has together with a bunch of the vice leaders and volunteers created the best menu of all time, and invited the UKE-journalists for a taste.  


The volunteer friendly menu  

The UKE-menu is crafted especially for volunteers. The menu is mainly based on the students demand, and consists of multiple new and tasty snacks. On demand form the students there is going to be both toast and Mac ‘n’ cheese for miniUKA. The Mac ‘n’ cheese was rich, and is the perfect late-night food after a long and hard night at Samfunnet. The sweet potato fries are also back. Everything on the menu has own prices for volunteers, so you can fill up, even on a student budget.  



UKE burger 


The UKEburger consists of a juicy slice of meat, tomato, onion, salad, aïoli, cheddar and a big layer of guacamole. “It is not modest on the guacamole” as Silje nicely explains it. It is praised for its taste combination – if you love dip and extras this is the burger for you. The UKE burger is the burger that reminds the most of the UKE burger from 2016, which was the bestselling burger that UKE-year. The classic is early announced as Silje’s and Sondre’s favorite, and don’t be surprised if this is the most popular burger this UKE as well.  


Guilty pleasure  

The Guilty pleasure has onion, tomato, pickles, salad and aioli, but it is the bacon, the cheddar and the BBQ – sauce that has given it its name. It is Caroline who describes the burger as “fett og faenskap” who got the idea, and they realized right away that it had to be a part of the menu. The burger is described as “tasty” and “freaking awesome” and is everyone’s favorite. That this newcomer is going to be a success is guaranteed.  


You know I’m a Veggie? 


You know I’m a Veggie? Is as the name indicates the vegetarian burger alternative. The patty mainly consists of chickpeas and eggs, and is irresistibly crispy. As The UKEburger, it comes with; tomato, onion, salad and lots of aïoli and guacamole. The burger is so good that it should be mandatory for all vegetarians, and it is recommended for everyone – especially if you love some crunch.  


Exclusive newcomers on the UTE-barbeque  

UKA’s carpenter committee and house-design committee has spent the last time upgrading the UTE barbeque, with a serving station, a new stroke of paint, and the menu is just as beautiful as the wagon itself. In addition to all the snacks you find in the UKE-barbeque, there is an exclusive selection of toast. If you need something fast and easy on your way to the afterparty, it is recommended to stop by the newly redecorated UTE-barbeque . The toast is exclusive for the UTE- barbeque and you can choose between The classic, Club sandwich and Veggiebunch, with tomato, mozzarella and pesto. The veggie alternative was as Silje describes it: “delicate, easy and really good” and it is complimented for the pesto.  



Allergy-friendly and ecofriendly  

For UKA the UKE-barbeque wants to offer a UKE-burger for vegans. They would love to have that for miniUKA too, but good vegan patties is unfortunately hard to find. The aïoli they have chosen is vegan – so vegans are encouraged to get tons of fries and aioli. There is also gluten free alternatives for the bread, and if you are lactose intolerant you can get a burger without cheese – the UKE barbeque is very service minded. UKA in Ås is a “Miljøfyrtårn”(Environment lighthouse), and is extra considerate towards the environment. For the UKE-barbeque this means that they are using serving equipment from Greenway, with a biological degradability – you can throw it directly in the food waste.  

Many including events and “the day after” with the activity girls  

Who are really the activity girls? And what is actually happening in miniUKA?  

 Foto: Julie Westergaard Karlsen

Foto: Julie Westergaard Karlsen


Who are the activity girls?  

The activity girls are Henriette Crook, Inga Steenberg and Agnes Usterud. Together they are planning and conducting “everything except the concerts” as Agnes so nicely summarizes it. “Piece of cake”. Even though they have different responsibilities – with Henriette in charge of the evening events, and Inga and Agnes in charge of the daytime events – they have a really close collaboration. “It is a lot of work. We meet approximately twice a week” is what they tell me.  

“Sports, but extreme”    

 Foto: Ingvill Eikelund

Foto: Ingvill Eikelund

The activity girls are focused on having an including program, where anyone can join anything. Because of this, they are going for Silent Disco and the Extreme - sports day. The Extreme - sports day is described as “sports, but extreme” and will have a feature of “ triathlon, but alternative”.  Hopefully, the different sports events are so strange that everyone starts off with the same possibilities. The activity girls are especially secretive, but they promise awesome prices, music and good times.  

The event is basically alcohol free, unlike most sports that are exercised at “Agrarmetropolen” Ås, so what “extreme” and “alternative” means, I don’t know. Red Bull is providing free beverages so if you are a solution-oriented person, you know that you are halfway to a Vodka Red Bull.  


“It helps to talk about it” 

On Thursday morning you have the possibility to get rid of your hangover with the activity girls in CaféKlubben, with good help from NMBU Gaming. In addition to food and Mariokart, there will be a surprise from Red Bull. But most importantly you don’t have to deal with your shame alone – “ it helps to talk about it”.  

 Foto: Christine Blix

Foto: Christine Blix


UKE – expectations  

The activity girls can’t reveal to much about the UKE – program, but they say after a while, that the UKE – market is something they want to go for. The UKE – market is together with the UKE revy the original basis for UKA – so that it gets an extra attention is very exciting. What happens in UKA is also dependent on miniUKA: “miniUKA is a test – if something is successful it can be used in UKA as well. Currently it looks like miniUKA – and UKA are both going to be more than successful.  

 Foto: Runa Tunheim

Foto: Runa Tunheim