A taste of Ås


The 13thof October SmakÅs invited people from all over Ås to enjoy a festival of food and technology. With stands lined up from campus to the center of town, people could try all kinds of food while learning more about its origins and ways to make more sustainable food. 

SmakÅs is according to themselves, the only environmentally friendly food-and-techonology festival that takes place in Norway. Almost all Ås’ population was present at the festival, from the oldest generations to the youngest ones, everyone had the opportunity to learn something new and enjoy.

Play with the food

The first of the five locations was named “Food and Animals” and took place at Vitenparken. Here you had to really work your way through the crowd to get to the café. A bunch of eager young kids were participating in different activities and the parents were not shy to join in. Down in the basement one could cuddle chickens and outside you could find skilled kids trying out the catapult made of food with a lot of success. The whole point – to play with the food!

Tempting research 

Adrian Meringdal2.jpg

I went on towards the center, but did not come any further than Meierikrysset, where the sign “Free soft-ice” caught my attention. Here, many of the researchers from NMBU stood ready to inspire people’s curiosity with the ice cream made by goat cheese. One of the research projects that was presented was “FoodProFuture”, that really attracted people with its innovative hummus made of Norwegian chickpeas. The purpose of the project was to expand the horizons of Norwegian’s production in achieving sustainable products. The center for food technology at NMBU, FôrTek used sushi to drag people into this station and learn. And while people were eating the sushi, they could reflect on sustainable food production, and what it really means. 

There were also students from NMBU represented at this festivity. Lærken was singing beautifully and gathered people towards Storebrand where you could smell food from all over the world. 14 student groups represented ISU and were waiting to offer a small sample of the most important food from their home countries.


From earth to the table 

Adrian Meringdal1.jpg

Apart from being able to try an extensive variety of food, attendants could also work on the land. At Søråsjordet, you could find Ås Landbrukslag, who invited people to pluck potatoes. On an attempt to explain how we all enjoy food, they said that despite this, not everyone knows the real effort and work that it takes and that it is pretty rewarding. They wanted to shed light on the fact that many people nowadays are somewhat distanced from nature. Young and old people searched for potatoes in the earth, and could happily bring them home, knowing that they themselves had worked hard to get them. In the center, farms could also show some local food. A bunch of sheep were there to give away some wool, so that people could make threads of it like our ancestors use to do in the old days to make clothes. “from earth to the table” was oriented to the kids at Rustad School in Ås. They had a project about learning where food comes from, where they visit farms every week, learning about harvesting and its different processes. If this project becomes a success, it will be really promising for Ås. 

SmakÅs gave the population of Ås the possibility to taste, learn about sustainable food and be involved in several food processes. After attending this festival, nobody went home with their stomachs empty – that’s for sure!

Five in the Foaje 

Journalist: Amanda Woie


Sunday 14thof October it was time for the Picnic- performanceof the UKE-revue. This time with the possibility to enjoy a delicious lasagna, which was the dinner offer during the show. After the performance  we asked some random people from the audience about their experience, and there was no lack of praise and good impressions. 


The questions: 


1.     How did you hear about UKA i Ås, and what made you come to see the UKE-revue? 

2.     Are you participating at something else during UKA I Ås 2018? 

3.     What did you think about the UKE-revue? 

4.     Do you have a sketch or revue-number that you liked the best? 

5.     Being completely honest; Was there anything you thought was to “too much”? 

Tidligere student og kone.jpg

Earlier student and wife

  1. You know about it when you have been an earlier revue-boss and student. 

  2. Haven’t planned anything else, no.

  3. One of the best we have seen, very impressed with the work. 

  4. I liked  The 90thBirthday number the best.

  5. Erna with the “#metoo-song” was very opposite from what the campaign actually works with. 



Turid Svensøy

  1. I know someone who is performing.

  2. No.

  3. Generally very good. 

  4. Very many, but the Disney – version of Der Undertang was very good, and the one with the russe - girls was very funny, and they were singing really well.

  5. No, it was not. 



Koslig gjeng.jpg

Nice group

  1. One of us have a son that is an actor.

  2. No.

  3. Throw of dice: 7! Very funny, and well made.

  4. The sketch with Hareide that was getting wolves, and generally the political numbers. We also liked Siv and the butlera lot. 

  5. No, we can handle that. 



  1. I am related to the trumpet player in the revue- band. *nods proudly towards his daughter, Anna Sophie*

  2. No, I am going home to the western part of Norway tonight, so this was just a quick trip to see the show. 

  3. Super great! A lot of spice through the entire show, and they had many good points. It takes a lot of work to have such a good timing and cooperation between the different aspects of the revue, that impressed me. 

  4. No, you can’t choose. It was the wholeness of the show that made it so good. 

  5. A secret about me is that I am actually Danish, so I have a high tolerance for these kind of things. 


Translated by Amalie E. Holmefjord 

The International Food Festival

Journalist: Shayan Mujtaba

Jora Singh Randhawa.jpg

On the 13thof October at around midday (12:00pm), a group of young and extremely talented students at NMBU, organized one of the major event’s during UKA I Ås 2018. Judging by the enormous amount of people that showed up, with absolutely no food left over whatsoever, the event was a huge success. This embarked a new chapter in the journey of this special group of people, who came across from all over the world to Norway, united as one in hopes of fulfilling their life long goals and dreams.

These talented individuals are part of an organization called the International Students Union (ISU) which was established in the late 1970s when a small group of dedicated student activists put their efforts in protecting the welfare and academic situation of international students in Norway. Every year, new board members are elected in a democratic process in which students vote and elect a new President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social & a Welfare Officer. The organization is committed to the social, academic and political interests of all international students studying in Norway.

Jora Singh Randhawa2.jpg

Elected on the 3rdof September 2018, these individuals became the latest members of ISU and now, it was their turn to make a mark on the history of NMBU and Ås which will never be forgotten. Although the plan to conduct the International food festival on the 13thof October 2018 was made prior to the election of the new board members, none of its logistics we’re planned and the ISU only had a month’s time to come up with the sponsors, judges, participants and catering etc. From creating advertisement and marketing the event, it took a lot of hard work, determination and dedication to pull of an extremely satisfying and well-organized event, appreciated by everyone who attended it.

The day was clear, the weather was seemingly breezy and beautiful, all the teams were in high spirits and the folks around Ås just enjoyed every minute of it. From the sizzling spicy chicken tandoori and Biryani rice from the Indo-Pak subcontinent in the East made with traditional spices to the Western hemisphere filled tater tots, Cobb Salad, Pot roast, Cupcakes, strawberry smoothies, chocolate brownies and much more, it was paradise for all the food lovers out there. The menu was designed in a way that satisfied the needs of every person, from meat lovers to purely vegan consumers.

The honorable judges, including our university’s rector Mari were absolutely thrilled by the sheer cultural diversity that was present in that small area. Students from all over the world had participated in the event and made this day memorable leaving an everlasting impression on everyone that was gathered at the event. The event was started at 12:00 midday and was supposed to finish at 15:00, but the overwhelming number of people that attended the event made sure that there was no food left over in just a matter of 90 minutes.

Jora Singh Randhawa3.jpg

There was so much happening in Ås during UKA, like UKEmarked, SmakÅs, loads of concerts and the International food festival. But people came to the event rallying in large numbers, and besides who doesn’t love free food. There were 4 different categories on which the winning teams got points and they were as follows; Best taste winner, best presentation, most enthusiastic team and finally the people's choice winner. The judges had their hands (and their tummies) full and it was no easy task to taste all kinds of different foods and then decide on winner. The best taste winner award went to a team from Pakistan named the Kashimiri blend who made a traditional Pakistani style food including chicken soup, minced meat with potatoes and peas and Kashimir Pulao (a regional Pakistani dish of rice mixed with unique spices.

Winner of the people’s choice award went to the joint French and German team named franco-allmandes gourmets. They made tradational dish with onions and bacon but also modern versions vegan and vegetarian. In dessert, they made Mousse au chocolate from France and Rote Grütze from Germany.

Winner of the best presentation award went to the team from Spain called Españoleando x Ås and they made "tortilla" (potatoes, eggs and onion), "croquetas" (flour, milk, ham, all fried) and bread with olive oil, tomatoe and spanish ham.

Finally, the last award for most enthusiastic team award went to the Murray's Diner who made vegan chocolate chip cookies served with Soy Milk.

Over all, the International food festival 2018 was a huge success and the amount of people served this year more than 600 people, which was twice as high compared to last year.

Raga Rockers Uka I Ås 2018

Band lineup:

  1. 1) Michael Krohn - Vocals

  2. 2) Livio Aiello - Bass

  3. 3) Jan Arne Kristiansen - Drums

  4. 4) Eivind Staxrud - Guitars

  5. 5) Arne Sæther - Keyboards

 Photo: Magnhild Hummel

Photo: Magnhild Hummel

The legendary Norwegian Rock band Raga Rockers, one of the four major in Norwegian Rock history alongside Jokke & Valentines, deLillos and DumDum Boys. They have been around since 1982 with 12 studio albums, 4 live albums and 2 compilation albums with multiple albums hitting the top 10 on the VG lista (Norwegian record chart).

On Friday 12th October 2018, they made a special and a memorable appearance at the Samfunnet AUD MAX theater during the Uka I Ås festival 2018. For those of you who are not familiar with this band (including myself) but are huge rock fans in general, it was a treat to watch a local band play that has been around for decades who still perform with such intense energy and proficiency after 36 years.

Guitarist Eivind Staxrud has certainly invigorated the band, revitalized them and was certainly the most energetic and enigmatic presence on stage. Not to take away credit from the other members though since Eivind is the youngest and joined the band in 2010. Drummer Jan and sensational vocalist Michael certainly performed their duties and gave a phenomenal live performance.

I entered the Samfunnet at around 21:30 and made my way backstage to the AUD MAX theater, the doors to the theater at this point were still closed. But I could hear the band rehearse, from behind closed doors. Perhaps they were doing their final sound checks.

The night was still young, people were hanging out talking in the hall way, having a drink or two, excited about the concert that was about to take place in a few moment’s time. I cannot think of a better way to kick start your weekend with one of the best Rock acts in Norway.

 Photo: Magnhild Hummel

Photo: Magnhild Hummel

I was surprised but extremely happy to see a few older people who showed up at a rock concert. Perhaps Raga Rockers were one of the few bands the grew up listening to and they were really excited to see them live. This clearly is an indication that Rock is not dead, it may not be as famous as it was back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but certainly the spirit of Rock has not diminished and us old metal fans or head bangers as we are usually referred are still alive and kicking.

 Photo: Emma Andrea Sørensen

Photo: Emma Andrea Sørensen

The band came on stage at approximately half past 22:00 and the first song didn’t make a very good impression on me as the sound quality was not up to high standard. Bass and Keyboards were barely audible, and certainly Eivind’s guitar had way too much overdrive, making other members of the band less audible. It was quickly fixed though in the next song and the technician came to balance the equalizer so other members could be audible as well.

Over all in my opinion, Eivind’s guitar still had too much volume and it seemed like the band was pretty much dependent on his performance. It could have been better, but I guess getting the right sound at a rock concert is not an easy job. But all in all, the band certainly gave a 100 percent in their performance and for me the stand out performer was definiltey Eivind with his amazing playing, technical fluency very Hendrix inspired style solos and just amazing energy. The third song they played on their setlist (I don’t know the name) but it was one of the best and most unique tunes that was played that night. It had very middle eastern and Arabic styled riffs accompanied with an amazing solo.

The 5th song on the setlist (again I don’t know the name) had a very catchy tune, something you could bang your head to and just hum even if you did not understand the words. This is the beauty of rock and roll, you don’t necessarily have to understand the words that are being sung by the vocalist, because it could in a language different than your native language. But there’s so much more going on, there’s bass, the guitars (rhythm and lead) and drums that just make you tap your feet and to the incredible beat of the music.

Jan certainly played at a very steady pace and kept the groove throughout the concert, hitting the crash cymbals and playing those awesome triplets with such ease and precision. Arne Keyboards were barely audible throughout the concert and there were very few songs, where he could be notably heard. Especially when Eivind stopped playing, Arne’s instrument could be heard but that was about it. So, it was kind of bothersome for me to get over the sound as I was not able to fully hear the band to their true potential.

Apart from the uneqaulized distribution of sound, the other disappointment I faced at the concert was that the hall was not full and jammed packed with head bangers. I think a band this talented and one of the true genuine Rock acts in Norway deserves a wider audience. The cool thing about them is most their songs are short and commercial, very reminiscent to early style Judas Priest and Motorhead which means they are radio friendly. Rock usually is not played that much at Radio stations and it has always been that way internationally as well. But for someone like me who has never heard the band before, I became an instant fan and I would love to hear them perform live again. Their music is very cool, with amazing riffs and even more sublime in their performance live.

 Photo: Magnhild Hummel

Photo: Magnhild Hummel

A lot of bands sound good in the studio where there’s a producer and a lot of the sounds can be manipulated by state-of-the-art equipment in music industry today, only a bands true ability is measured live and Raga Rockers certainly have delivered the goods by giving an amazing performance, one that I will remember for a long time.

The 21st song that they played on the setlist (again I wish I knew the name) had just a mesmerizing melody, a rock ballad in its true sense, amazing vocals and one of the few occasions where you could hear Arne’s sweet keyboard audibly. It was a song that reminded me a lot of Roxette kind of musical style, a band that I listened to a lot in my childhood days.

 Photo: Magnhild Hummel

Photo: Magnhild Hummel

Finally, after the 21st song, Michael introduced his bandmates and then himself, signaling that the time is nearly over and they moved on to play the encores after that. Typical fan favorites “noen å hate” and “Slakt” to finish off an incredible night of music. To anyone who has not heard the band before, I urge you to at least give them a chance as in my opinion they certainly deserve a wider audience because their music is amazing and they have some very proficient and talented musicians, Eivind the heavily Hendrix influenced guitarist being my favorite and Michael the vocalist being my second favorite.

Powerful ending of the first week of UKA i Ås 2018

Journalist: Amanda Woie 


UKA i Ås 2018 celebrates its seventh day in the light Wednesday 10.10.18 with Amanda Delara and Dårlig Vane. This turned out to be a great success for the lucky audience who went to Samfunnet this Wednesday evening. 

 Photo: Anne Guro Røsæg

Photo: Anne Guro Røsæg

Before the concerts the people who had arrived were asked about what they looked forward to the most. Amanda Delara had a clear lead, and there was a really good reason for this. There was also multiple people who answered that they came only for this concert, and that this was what they looked forward to the most during the entire UKA i Ås. 


Festsalen is getting filled with more and more people, and the attention is directed in the right direction, when mystical music with a tempting bass is playing over the speakers. The string instruments have an authentic effect from the beginning, and plays an important part during the rest of the concert. When the musicians have found their place on stage, Amanda enters the stage, and receives a big cheer from the audience.


 Photo: Anne Guro Røsæg

Photo: Anne Guro Røsæg

The calm tones from the intro is rolling over into the opening song Grown Ups, a song about independence and strength. The serious vibe is maintained with Paper Paper that shows passion form both her eyes and voice. The politics, and her sight at society’s norms characterizes a big part of her songs, such as New Generation. The song can be interperated as a fight-scream on behalf of today’s youth about standing up for what you believe in, even though you experience adversity from people who believe they have a better insight than you. Mental disorders are also a topic that the song Fine addresses, with a preface stating that is has become way to normal to pretend like we are feeling better than we really do. It should not be necessary to hide difficult feelings. 

During the concert you also see contrasts in the style when there is played songs that are more upbeat, with audience - inclusive sayings such as: “Next time you see yourselves in the mirror I want you to imagine that you are wearing a crown and say to yourself I am a fucking boss!”. This is her intro to her new cover of Karpe Diems Gunerius , the song people know the most, and people are singing their heart outs. 

 Photo: Kristian Haldorsen

Photo: Kristian Haldorsen

We are also very lucky to experience the world premiere of her new song that officially will be released for the first time the 19thof October! It is one hell of a song, and the performance with powerful rhythm and text, that gives a feeling of being in contact with an identity without boundaries. 


 Photo: Cornelia Aasuldsen

Photo: Cornelia Aasuldsen

After a masterpiece of a concert it is the boys from Loddefjord’s turn to tear the audience onward in this evening’s party. Before their concert their DJ is already building up the life in Halvors hybel. Suddenly, Dårlig Vane storms out on the stage, and the cheers from the audience  makes the room fill up in record time. Artists entering the stage


The first song På stell represents the energy and “the boss attitude” of the artists perfectly, and the dance factor from the DJ warm-up was not decreasing from here on out. SPEIS is the second song on the list, and is kicked off with a defined bass, and an audience that is “pulsating” in rhythm. 


 Photo: Kristian Haldorsen

Photo: Kristian Haldorsen

The characteristic hats disappears quickly  when the temperature increases rapidly, and the DJ takes of his shirt already by the third song to compensate for the audience’s wild energy. A small group of fans that stands closest to the stage are chosen to be idols for the rest of the audience, because of their energetic and lively participation in the concert.  After a while “Kikkan” decides that he has to go down and join the party amongst the audience to really give the fans a memorable concert-experience during the last song Gikk i bakken. All the snap-cameras are directed towards the stage, and the jump- dancing is reaching new highs when the audience screams along with the chorus. 


There was no lack of energy and contact between audience and artists, both for Amada Delara and Dårlig Vane. 



Translated by: Amalie E. Holmefjord 

Tips and Tricks for Career Day

On Wednesday October 10th career day will take place. 64 companies will be there. How can you give a good impression? What should you do, and what should you not do? Career advisor Tone Fiane is here with a few tips to help you prepare. 

Journalist: Silje Kvist Simonsen

Photographer: Julia Frisk Brendehaug


Get engaged right from the start

Career day is organized every year on October 10thin Aud.Max, and in preparation the career committee (Næringslivutvalget) invites everyone to “get ready for career day” with career advisor Tone Fiane. There are mostly 4thand 5thyear students at this presentation, but student in all other years are present too. That’s great! Tone explains that it is important to start early thinking about your dream job. Starting early to speak to companies is very important, although it can seem difficult and daunting. This year 64 companies have paid to be able to come to career day, so this is something they are really interested in doing. They want to speak to students! The dumbest thing you can do is be afraid to speak to them, Tone says. Go for it! 

Good first impressions

It is important to consider how you will present yourself to make a good first impression. Tone says it is important to dress neatly. Balance is key here: if you are speaking to a potential future employer you don’t want to show up in jeans with holes or a crop top, but you don’t need to wear a business suit either. Simply be presentable and clean-looking. It is also important to be respectful to others when at the stands. Companies usually want people who can work well in teams, so if there is a line, don’t be the person who jumps in front of everyone else to be first.


What should I say?

It can be difficult to start a conversation with your dream employer, but very important. Make sure to greet them properly – shake their hand and look them in the eyes. You also might want to go alone up to the stands, being in a group won’t make you stand out, instead you want to show them you are independent and self-motivated. When you introduce yourself, the best place to start is a little presentation. Your name, what you study, and why their company sounds interesting to you. Have some questions prepared, but don’t let the questions dominate the conversation. Be considerate and listen closely to what the person has to say. If you speak to a younger person, is could be a good idea to ask how they came into their job. After the conversation it can be a good idea to take note of the person’s name, to mention later when you send in a CV. DON’T ask what they can offer you, ask instead what they are looking for. If you are interested in a company, it might not be a good idea to take all the candies and food samples they have at the stand. Instead, sneak some snacks from irrelevant companies’ stands!


Will this even help?

Some people might ask if it’s even worth it to come to such an event instead of using their time on other things. The answer is yes, it absolutely is! Students have ended up with job offers from companies they spoke to on career day, such as Deloitte and Statsbygg - companies who get a LOT of applications. You can refer to conversations you had and people you met at career day on an application, as well as be more aware of what the company does and has to offer – something that you can also show through an application. Students have also said that other events that are organized around career day (like the job searching course) have been very helpful. You will also have the opportunity to take official pictures for your CV. If you are lucky, you could even win a golden ticket from certain companies and be invited to events that they have!


The Career Fund

After career day all of the profits are gathered into a fund called the carreer fund. The fund is about 115 000kr, student unions and organizations can apply for these funds when arranging career-oriented events. Read more about this at www.nunmbu.no


·     Just run around taking all the samples

·     Jump in front of others in line

·     Take up irrelevant company’s time

·     Ask what THEY can do for YOU


·     Prepare!

·     Know what you want

·     Take initiative

·     Go alone

·     Be respectful, listen

·     Note down names

The UKErevy takes on everyday moralists

By Ida Lunde Naalsund

On Thursday October 4th, we were ready for the student premiere of the UKErevy. With dance, singing and laughter, UKA I Ås 2018 was officially kicked off.

 Foto: Bendik Hassel

Foto: Bendik Hassel


The moment we were waiting for

Aud.Max has seldom seen such a beautiful audience – a full room of ladies and gentleman who were ready for their life’s longest highlight, UKA in Ås 2018, to begin. The glamorous audience held on to their seats when the actors entered the stage. There are three people that UKA in Ås 2018 couldn’t have happened without. Samfunnet’s leader Ane Magnussen, revy leader Oscar Mork, and the wonderful UKEleader Ingrid Espnes all gave a speech to the students, and whished everyone welcome to the student premiere of the UKErevy 2018. When the orange ribbon was cut and the festival had officially begun, the UKEleader made a statement that hit right at the heart of th Ås spirit:                                                                                                                                                                                               

 “Anyone that believes that the ‘volunteering’ spirit is dead and gone, has clearly never experienced Samfunnet and UKA in Ås.”

Then the orange curtain rose, and the dancers stormed out with their song “APP-APP-APP,” and their index finger pointed towards the audience.


Everyday moralists

 “App-App-App” is a suitable name for the UKErevy 2018. People are quicker than ever to point fingers, and political correctness has become the most crucial concern. The UKErevy dared to challenge this, and dared to joke about controversial topics. Topics that are still taboo today were also addressed, and some of the jokes were so on-edge that people had to look around to see the reactions of others around them. If you have been wanting to let loose to rough songs and dark humor, the UKErevy will give you that opportunity. Nobody held back and let their laughter break loose - all of the moralists were too busy using their pointing finger to hold their glass of beer and applaud.

 Foto: Anne Guro

Foto: Anne Guro

 The UKErevy put people in their place, first by the help of a “botanically correct” kiosk lady, who would rather be a murderer than call a peanut a nut when, botanically speaking, it is a fruit. The kiosk lady was supported by the moral police, who also took their turn on the stage. The moral police can be called the spirit behind the whole production, and they were not shy to criticize and point their fingers towards the morally conflicted audience.

A trip through time

 Foto: Anne Guro

Foto: Anne Guro

The audience also got to enjoy a classic, when Tanita and Synneva took on their new roles of Erna and Siv. Tanita Guldbrandsen is a well known UKEactor for most, who gets a reaction from the audience that few others can manage. From her role as Erna to Åsa-Britt, she fully delivers in everything she does, and she delivered the solo act that will not easily be forgotten. Tanita has a few other talented singers with her. One of the most impressive song performances was “Der Untergang On Ice,” Where Erik Rullestad and Ingrid Tysland skated around on the stage while singing about the tragic love story of Adolf and Eva in a beautiful duet.

 Foto: Anne Guro

Foto: Anne Guro

From the second world war, the UKErevy visited a couple more crucial periods of history. Vikings raiding Scotland were compared to students in Russetid, and we confirmed that controlling mothers have been a part of our entire evolutionary history. The UKErevy contracted this historical focus with some influence from current culture, with a show that made everyone laugh. “Exphil on the Beach” got the audience’s attention much more than the original TV show.


Stimulating all senses

Not only were our voices sore with laughter, the UKErevy was a pleasure to our ears as well. With impressive musical numbers, the revy band also got a chance to show off. Three swinging guitars in the front row lead the revy band, who especially impressed us in the opening number of the second act. Together with the actors, the revy band gave us songs that will stay stuck in our heads, and that we will be humming later while wandering around the bar loop. Through incredible song performances, with capturing sounds and solid choreography, this revy was something that everyone was excited about.

The revy was concluded with a “finger pointing” dance that reminded everyone of the everyday moralists that rule today. Come out and see the UKErevy, or else you will be the one we will be pointing our index fingers towards!


UKA101 – a mini dictionary

Are you one of those who doesen’t know what’s been going on about UKA, and feel tired of always asking what things mean? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Under you’ll find a list of the most important expressions and events of UKA.

 Funkis: A shortened word for the volunteers of UKA.

NK: Deputy director. They have more responsibility than the volunteers, but less than KS. KS: Short for committee boss.

Stunt: A group that tries to cause attention to UKA. They wear orange suits and run around on campus.

STUNT (1).jpg

Sprøytetog: An event that marks the beginning of UKA. It’s a walk with the student organizations on the first Thursday in Oslo and the first Friday in Ås.

G-helg: The weekend for old NMBU students. This weekend is facilitated for the old students from Ås so they can meet with their old student friends there and talk about “the good old days” and of course party. Anyways, everyone are welcome!  

S-helg: This weekend there are a lot of students from other universities invited. Be sure to welcome them!

Sløyfa: The famous “Spritsløyfa” is the continuous bar street (let’s call it that), exept from that it’s placed all around inside rooms at Samfunnet. The bar’s all have their own theme.

Studentpremiere: This is the event where the revue is presentet for the first time for the students. The dress code for the night is formal.


Tulleforestilling: This is a version of the revue where the actors can relax and sit back, because others who participate at UKA make this show. This is a party for only the participating or volunteers of UKA.

NM i studentrevy: In this event you get to see the best of the latest revues made. So it’s a sort of carefully selected “best of the best-show”. Some prizes are also rewarded this night.

3000 m øl: In this event you are supposed to run 3000 meters and drink one beer every lap during the run. Sounds easy, but it’s not.


UKEsang: Everytime UKA is arranged there is a new song being made to it. You can find it on spotify or youtube and it’s called «Måneden, Året, Livet». Maybe not the most impressive song made but it sure is catchy, and it’s an important part of UKA.