14.00. Location: Storplenen.

Join the fundraising to contribute to UKA and their collaborative partners Plan international Norge and their project Radio Timveni! Radio Timveni work to stop child marrige in Malawi and the money that is collected will go to this project.

The race will be set around Storplenen with meet up outside Tårnbygningen. Registration and hand-out of start number will begin at 13:00 before the race begins 14:00. The registration will happen by sending mail to, or by meeting up to registration. The lap is 400 meters and the race lasts one hour. It’s possible to participate as a single person or as a team, and you are free to choose how fast you want to race, or if you want to do something creative along the way. There will be an open stand at the event and we’ll hand out some prizes to some contributing participants!

The participants will in advance establish sponsors that will support with a pre agreed amount of money for each round of one set price for participating. A sponsor could be family, friends or companys - only your imagination can set the limits. The sponsors transfer their money to the participant and they transfer the total sum to us.

Sponsorstickers with payment information and sponsor deals will be sent by sending the registration information to, or by registration on the actual day.

LINK architecture will this year sponsor the race by 5000NOK!