Take the chance

14.00. Skogsdammen

Are your ready for a boat-trip in the pond? Take the chance on the ramp that sends you straight to the pond. Here you have to build an appropriate “gravity racer”. It’s judged after who races fastest, has the best “gravity racer” and biggest failure, so everyone has a chance to win this. There’s only place for a few participants so don’t be late to register. This a show you won’t miss!  

Practical information:

The racer has to accommodate some particular specifications so that the event will be executed somewhat safely. These are the following:

  • Gravity racer with: Maximum 110cm

  • Gravity racer length: Maximum 200cm

  • Gravity racer height: Maximum 150cm

  • Gravity racer weight: maximum 300kg (with people aboard)

General rules:

  • The participants have to meet up by the pond by Aud.Max 30 minutes before start.

  • Helmet and lifejacket is mandatory

  • Lubricating the track is prohibited (but the judges on the other hand can be flattered)

  • The time will begin when the racer is released to the island is reached

  • The racer has to be moved from the place after the event