Tug Of War

Journalist: Shatan Mujtaba

 A major fun competition that occurred this year at NMBU Storeplenen (the ground opposite Tårnbygning and Uhrbygning) in this iconic festival UKA. Keeping up with the themes of relieving stress and having immense fun, the organizers of the event give us a fan favorite: Tug of War. It seems like a simple game that doesn’t require that much of a game plan. But actually, it’s quite complicated as you delve deeper. As the name suggest, it’s a tug of war.

 You might not give this interesting game much thought, but it’s actually been a very important game for people that there’s actually an official Tug of War International Federation that exists in the world. 50 countries are associated with it and they take this game very seriously.


 For starters, let’s lay out all the rules. There are two teams, each consisting of about eight contestants. There’s also one coach for each team. You have to pull a rope to your side. There is a total of usually three matches and you have to win about two in order to become the champions of the game, there are no ties!

 How You Win

 The rope used is about 11 cm in length and marked in the middle with a centre line. There are also two marks that are placed about four meters from the centre line from either side. Initially. When the teams start pulling, the centre line of rope should be above the line marked on the ground. The team that manages to pull the mark on the rope closest to their opponents over the centre line, wins.

 It’s certainly a game that many will want to witness in this year’s UKA. It might not be as intense as football but it’s just as fun for the participants. At the end of the day it’s all about having fun.