Do you appreciate the smiles of happy people who can fill their empty stomachs with amazing food? Then UKEgrillen is something for you! As a volunteer for UKEgrillen, you get an excellent insight into the beautiful, vibrant student life that you can find in Ås, with a lot of nice social interactions, and a great opportunity to make new friends! As a volunteer in UKEgrillen you get to work on sales and delivery of the wonderful food that the kitchen makes to our guests. All our guests will love you for the effort you make, and this position always offers something new because no days are the same!

Available positions: 19

Contact Ulrik Samdahl Melhuus

Ukegrill (NK)

If you are future head of state, CEO, commander or just love to be in control, this position is exactly what you want! We need you because you have an amazing ability to keep order and keeping the burgers warm in stressful situations, as well as being delighted with the fact that your work is in the process of forming UKA i Ås 2018! As NK-UKEgrillen(second in command), you are working on organizing UKEgrillen serving and delivery system, a good overview of what happens every party night, building knowledge of Samfunnet i Ås and the wonderful people it involves, last but not least, you'll get to use your voice when we go in behind the scenes to set up the menu and design to UKEgrillen!

Available positions: 2

Contact Ulrik Samdahl Melhuus

Bar (NK)

Do you like a challenge and would like a little extra responsibility during UKA? We need someone who isn´t afraid to take control and who can remain calm in stressful situations. NK-bar is responsible for all the bars during events, and makes sure that each bar is run smoothly and responsibly. Are you ready to give it your all during miniUKA and UKA? Apply for NK-bar!

Available positions: 8

Contact Pelle Mikkelsen

Stock (NK)

Are you a structured person who can take on big responsibilities? Then we need your help to keep an overview of the very lifeblood of UKA - the alcohol! There will be many different liquor-serving bars during UKA i Ås with varying product ranges. Your tasks will among other things include supplying these different bars with alcohol during the evenings, and redistributing the alcohol at the end of the night. This is very important work, and is essential to keep everything in order for UKA. Apply for NK-lager today!

Available positions:  3

Contact Oskar Føyn Kielland


Do you wish to make a great contribution to UKA i Ås? If so, you should sign up for a very important task, which is to make sure that there is access to alcohol everywhere in the UKEparadise! As a stock volunteer your responsibilities will include supplying the different liquor-serving bars at the evenings, and helping us keep the alcohol-stocks in order. You will be a sight for sore eyes when the UKEbartenders are running empty of everything from vodka to straws. Apply as stock volunteer, and become one of the most important contributors for UKA i Ås 2018!

Available positions: 12

Contact Oskar Føyn Kielland

DInner (NK)

Do you want some extra responsibility during UKA i Ås? Are you service minded, responsible and thriving in a hectic environment? As NK Stormiddag, you are responsible for the implementation and planning of the dinners during UKA. If you want new challenges and experience UKA through a dedicated social group, there's only one thing to do: Apply for NK Stormiddag today!

Available positions:  2

Contact Julie Næss Mikalsen


Stormiddag is the commitee responsible for all the dinners during UKA. Are you scervice minded, responsible and thriving in a hectic envoiriment? As a waiter you work mainly outside of the major events, you will therefore get enough opportunities to enjoy UKA yourself. Would you like to make sure that UKAs guests get enough food and plenty of drinks? Then this is the right place for you!

Available positions: 24

Contact Julie Næss Mikalsen

Do you want a weekend of fun? Are you a person who likes responsibility and are not afraid to raise your voice? Are you structured and loyal; apply for VIP-volunteer. You will follow the VIPs throughout the weekend and make sure they are in the right place at the right time. We'd prefer that you are over 20 years, so that you can get into Spritsløyfa.

Available positions: 6

Contact Camilla Marie Engen


A smile might brighten up the day for others. If you are a
person who likes to spread joy, then wellbeing is the right place
for you. As a wellbeing volunteer, you are part of the group
that makes sure everybody that contributes have a nice experience. 
We are there for other volunteers, serve food and drinks and
offer a gathering place in the Wellbeing central. Join us and
spread joy to everyone who works during UKA i Ås!

Available positions: 14

Contact Erik Armand Iversen


Are you secretly a masterchef? Do you manage to keep calm in stressful situations? Do you like responsibility and taking charge? Then we need you to apply for NK Kjøkken! You will work together with the kitchen committee leader to make sure that no one goes hungry during UKA, be in charge of the kitchen during events and make sure that the preparation and serving of the food goes as smoothly as possible. 

Available positions: 5

Contact Fimke Frederika Pijfers

Kitchen (NK)

Do you like cooking? Do you manage to perform your best in stressful situations? Then we need YOU to apply for kitchen volunteer! You will get to work in a commercial kitchen and prepare the food that is being served during UKA. Apply for kitchen volunteer if you want a social and exciting position where time flies while working. 

Available positions: 37+

Kontakt Fimke Frederika Pijfers