Building (mainly) wooden instalments for UKA I Ås 2018 and miniUKA. Having carpentry experience or being practically oriented and handy is an advantage. This is a social job, where 3-4 people work together. Most of the work is done before UKA, so you barely work during UKA, if at all. In other words, more time to enjoy UKA.

Available positions: 19

Contact Ole-Andreas Stigsrud


If you want a varied job, with mostly practical work (janitorial services) this is the position for you! In this job, you assist the committee leader in the work needed to be done to conduct UKA in Ås 2018.

Available positions: 1

Contact Hans Martin Olsen-Torp

House decor

If you’re creative and are interested in design, interior and decoration, house decoration is something for you! If you would like to contribute to make Samfunnet look great during UKA i Ås, please apply as a volunteer at house decoration. As a volunteer at house decoration you must be prepared to make a big effort before UKA, but in return you won’t have to work during UKA. This means you will have loads of time to participate and enjoy all of the concerts and events!

Available positions: 8

Contact Kristine Heggheim

Tickets and merch

Do you like to see who arrives and who leaves? Then you are the perfect ticket and merchandise volunteer! You will have both night and day shift where you either are responsible for meeting people during events, or selling tickets and merchandise during the daytime. We are looking for positive and responsible people.

Available positions: 20

Contact Rebecca Seim Brekke

Tickets and merch (NK)

Would you like to have the responsibility for ticket and merch sales? As a NK ticket and merch, you work along with the committee leader and the volunteers. You will get the responsibility of, and make sure that everyone have a good experience when buying tickets and merchandise. We seek a social and structured person.

Available positions: 3

Contact Rebecca Seim Brekke


If you like to drive, meet artists, and are independent, then this might be the position for you! If you choose this volunteer position you will get assignments such as picking up artists and their equipment at Gardermoen and transporting them/it to Ås. To apply for this position you need to be permitted to drive a car in Norway. 

Available positions:

Contact Markus Markussen