Do you want to help us give the best impression of Ås to the artists playing during UKA? Then you should apply for artist volunteer! As an artist volunteer, you will have the responsibility for the backstage area, serving food and drinks, and you will be the link between the artist and the organizer. We are looking for someone who is outgoing, independent, responsible and someone who can keep their head cool during stressful situations. Apply for artist volunteer and help us show UKA i Ås from its best side!

Available positions : 18

Contact Frida Vesseltun booking@ukaiaas.no


Are you passionate about charity? Do you have a big heart and are driven by helping others? UKEhjelpa needs creative and helpful people as volunteers to contribute, so UKA i Ås can collect money for a charity project. This year our project is Plan International's Radio Timveni, working against child marriage in Malawi. You will also contribute so that our events are carried out in the best way possible. Apply for UKEhjelpa volunteer!

Available positions: 15

Contact Selma Solenes Madsen ukehjelpa@ukaiaas.no

Concert Sound

The concert sound committee is responsible for the sound during shows and concerts. We are rigging the stage and working closely with artists and their crews. It’s a lot more than just plug and play. Come and see how the mixer, PA-systems and microphones work!

Available positions: 16

Contact Louise Skjøndal konsertlyd@ukaiaas.no


Do you like responsibility? Are you structured and hard working? Then the activity committee is something for you! We have something for every taste. Help plan and organize sports events, quiz events, entertainment, calm and relaxing events, theme parties and seminars. When an event comes together and all your friends say they had such good time, you can be proud to say that you were part of the team that put it all together. Apply for the activity committee! 

Contact Henriette Crook/Inga Steenberg aktivitetkveld@ukaiaas.no aktivitetdag@ukaiaas.no