Veronica Maggio is one of the most awarded artists in Sweden, maybe even one of the biggest popsingers in Scandinavia.

Her music has followed many of us through our youth, accompanying our feelings of falling in love, of drinking wine and crying over a broken heart. Her songs are timeless. She writes about life and love, about happiness and heartache, and with a sense of honesty that few mainstream artists today can match. Her hits include songs like “Måndagsbarn”, “Hela huset”, “Satan i gatan” and “Jag kommer”, all of these from her four previous albums. This year, she released her fifth album “Den förste er älltid gratis”. It received brilliant reviews, and manifests her musical talents and ability to produce one hit after another.

29th of October, she will enter the stage at Aud.Max, and round off UKA i Ås. She is a true entertainer and fan favorite, and people in Ås will soon learn why. Her live performances are filled with energy, and she will give everything she has until the end of the show. What better way to round off UKA i Ås 2016, than to dance along to Veronica Maggio’s captivating hits all through the night?