The UKE boss about UKE - happiness and UKE secrets

The UKE – organization wishes everyone a happy Easter, whether you use it for knitting, nailing or drinking! After Easter there is only two weeks for miniUKA, so it’s time to recharge your batteries! If you can’t wait, we have talked to our dear UKE-boss Ingrid Espnes, who also has an Easter riddle for us.


What is your role as UKE - boss?

As UKE-boss my most visible role is to be the face of UKA in Ås, as well as maintaining UKA’s interests in different forums such as the core-board and the top-meeting. I am going to ensure good communication with actors that we work a lot with, like NMBU, SiÅs, Ås municipality etc. Even though the most important role as UKE-boss is to make sure the whole organization pulls in the same direction, and try to make UKA in Ås a comprehensive project.


Why did you decide to run for the position as UKE-boss?

 After UKA in Ås in 2016 I thought a lot about running for UKE-boss, and I really considered to run for it. Working with UKA is the funniest, most giving and best thing I know, even though I thought it was really scary to run for it at GF. What in the end made me decide to do it was that I realized how weird it would be for me, if UKA in Ås in 2018 was arranged without me having the possibility to help. UKA in Ås really means a lot to me, and it is really fun to give something back to it.


What is the best part of being UKE-boss?

To work with all the amazing people in UKA, and at the office department. It is really rewarding to see other people master challenges, and grow within the responsibility they have.  It has also been wonderful to see how UKA in Ås 2018 has developed, but I won’t deny that it is fun to be “backstage” when the big decisions are taken.


What are you looking forward to the most in miniUKA? What are you the most nervous about?

 What I am looking forward to the most is listening to everyone in Aud.Max singing wholeheartedly to “Kongen av campingplassen”. What I am the most nervous about is releasing the slogan before the miniUKE “revy”. That’s going to be nerve wrecking!


What are you looking forward to the most in UKA?

 The premiere and the ultimate premiere. It’s going to be amazing to finally show everyone what Ås have accomplished, and especially the awesome “revy” group. I am getting chills just thinking about it!


What is UKA’s most important role?

To bring happiness, to inspire and to motivate students through a 26 days break from the usual everyday.


What is the heart of UKA?

 Volunteering. Without all the volunteers, both UKA in Ås and Studentsamfunnet would never have existed.


What does UKE- happiness mean to you?

 UKE-happiness to me is to work at the party-nights during UKA and see the crazy atmosphere at Samfunnet reaching new levels. UKE-happiness to me is to pat each other on the shoulder after a finished shift, and thinking “Wow, that was amazing!”


What is your best UKE-memory?

 When we closed the all the bars for the last time in 2016 during the Veronica Maggio concert it was both sad and really nice at the same time, because we realized that we really did it, as well as everything was over.


Can you tell us a secret?

 The UKE-slogan was decided in February and has since then been used in all advertisement of UKA in Ås. Have you been able to read through the lines?