The «Sløyfe»rules

Once again Happy Easter Thorvald and Tora! We recommend all students to bring a lot of common sense to the Easter-mountain, so you all come back safely to “Agrarmetropolen” Ås and miniUKA. The Norwegian mountain code is just as relevant today as it was in the fifties, and the UKE - editorial have through serious journalism discovered yet another usage for this little piece of Norwegian cultural heritage. Remember to use common sense in the mountain, as well as “til sløyfs” Thorvald and Tora.


The “Sløyfe” rules:

1.     Never go on a long journey without the right amount of exercise.

2.     Report to someone where you are going

3.     Show respect towards the guards and the communication messages

4.     Be prepared for drunkenness and nonsense even on short trips. Always bring a backpack and the equipment “sløyfa” requires.

5.     Listen to experienced people.

6.     Use a map and compass.

7.     Don’t go home alone.

8.     Turn around in time – there is no shame in turning around.

9.     Save your power and dig yourself into the shame if necessary.