The extreme-sports day – wild, wonderful and wet!

Tekst: Ørjan Olsen Furnes

When I was covering the Extreme-sports day event, I have to confess I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I did the only logical thing, and squeezed myself into my tight compression jersey with a belief that the best way to experience the event was by participating. In the beginning the weather was gray and cold, but as we were starting, the  sun appeared with a message of hope. Despite the spring like conditions, it luckily doesn’t take a lot of time to get warm when you are doing extreme sports.

The event started at “Storebrand” with a lot of confusion due to the lack of information and with almost no visible track, except for a wooden wall, and a soapy tarpaulin, where all the participants were discussing whether we were going up or down the tarpaulin. After a couple of rounds with a review of the track, and a small demo it was ready to begin.


It turned out that the race only was the start of a competition consisting of four different parts, and all of us got to (except for the people who bailed after they saw the second exercise) climb over “Skogsdammen” (the pound by “Eika”) in a single rope between to trees. This led to friction injuries and a long que, but there was surprisingly many people who got across the pound without getting wet, actually almost everyone.

Thus, we were escorted into “Eika” for a climbing competition. We were climbing the easiest routes, and it was the fastest time that mattered. For a moment I actually qualified for the finale with the time: 27 seconds, but this only lasted a couple minutes before I was ousted by some impressive performances of 25 and 20 seconds.


The two best girls, and the two best boys met each other in a finale where they were fighting for the victory by pulling the orange UKA- tractor. A lot of the contestants had the laws of physics against them in this exercise, so the Ambassador of “Hankattene” regularly had to get of the tractor and push it.

Jørgen Dahl, wearing a Stunt-suit, was the winner in the boy’s class, and Ingrid Aas Myhr was the winner of the girls. The respectable second places went to Nora Colman and Zakarias Orrall. “This was fun!” I overheard Ingrid say after the day was over, and I have to say I agree with her. As I said in the beginning, I did not know what I was getting myself into, but I was positively surprised by how planned the event was, even though the participants got minimal information during it. Even though the shower between the extreme-sports day and the “revy” was very painful after the rope episode, it was definitively worth it.