Maximal Ås-factor at miniUKA!

With its 10 454 members, and an average of about 500 posts a month, “Ås kommunes venner” on Facebook has become a remarkable phenomenon to follow. In this year’s miniUKErevy we got the honor to witness the actual creation, and other important details about the group, and its members.

Legendary opening


As a real Ås-student revy is something that lies really close to the heart. Thus, it was with great expectations, and lots of excitement the Tora and Thorvald curtains was pulled aside for the opening of this year’s miniUKErevy.

The first thing that meets the audience is hefty discussions about late trains, and other “first world problems” that the poor residents of Ås has to undergo every single day. Humor is present from the first minute,  and the actors seems to glow with confidence and passion.

When Åsa-Britt herself finally enters the stage with her characteristic fur hat, and distinctive opinions; the applause rages, and everyone gets totally starstruck.



The temperature of the conversation increases, and you realize that this is building up to an early highlight; namely the origin of the legendary Facebook-group “Ås communes venner”.



This is when the first song- and dance performance with a badass rhythm starts, something that really gets the show going, and reveals the work that is put into it.

Carefully chosen topics

The show continues with lots of creative sketches, characterized by politics and steams of hot wordplays. There is a clear connection between all the sketches during the whole night, something that puts the revy into a category of high prestige.  The story unfolds in a conglomeration of events that in the end leads to the big turning point: Eika is cut down!

This creates uproar amongst the Ås-friends, and the finger pointing reflects the attitudes that are central in today’s community, and the behavior of the political leaders.

Even though it is called the miniUKErevy, it can be concluded that there was maximal acquisition of the points by the audience, and this was a night that definitively will be remembered.


One of the people who made sure this entirety was represented so clearly was Monica Svenning Engmark, who has contributed to choreographing tonight’s dance performances. The UKEblogg is lucky enough to have a quick chat with her, and it is clear that she is very satisfies with the show.  Despite a background within dance and twirling, she says this is the first time she has choreographed dance herself, at least for a show of this caliber.


Many hours have been put into this, about 13-14 a day, so it has been more than enough time to feel the pressure of making something that’s impressive to watch, as well as it has to fit everyone who is performing.

Monica points out that customizing the dance difficulty for the actors, who have small or almost no dance background has been the biggest challenge. After questions about expectations, and the feeling of being finished, the hardworking choreographer says that she is very satisfied, and most importantly, it was fun to be a part of.


After a finished finale performance a bundle of the audience got a challenge to describe their view of the revy by only using three words. From feedbacks and reactions, it is reported that the revy was:



Funny, good and relevant.

Marte Bergene








Engaging, funny and alive.

Herman Wegger






Freaking good, Loved it, satisfied.

Emma Lindbäck