Concert:  Ole Ivars  og  Kjartan  Lauritzen 

Journalist:  Ingvild Pedersen   

miniUKA is finished with Ole Ivars and Kjartan Lauritzen. Totally opposite of each other. Not only with the music, but also their experience. Ole Ivars have played since 1964, while Kjartan Lauritzen produced his first song in 2014. This might be the reason why there are so many people at Samfunnet this night – something for everyone.

The first people to arrive at Samfunnet are two ladies in their fifties. They are obviously here to see Ole Ivars. Even though they don’t seem as excited as the Ås-students ready to party, it is clear that they are looking forward to the night. They tell me that they have listened to Ole Ivars their whole childhood. Later that night im about to realise that this counts for many people. When I ask people why they like Ole Ivars, many of them answers “nostalgia”.

Ole Ivars is ready to make a good show in their purple sparkling vests and a disco ball hanging from the roof. The audience is also ready to make a show – The students at NMBU always like to dance swing when that is possible. During the concert we hear everything from their very first song “Regnets rytme”, to the most popular ones “Kongen av campingplassen” and “Nei så tjukk du har blitt”. The atmosphere is amazing. They finish of with “Jag trodde  änglarna  fanns», and everyone are singing along.

The next concert is in Festsalen. When we arrive, there are already many people waiting there for Kjartan Lauritzen. We almost have to walk in a que on our way there, and soon many people are rushing to Festsalen. Lauritzen starts with “Fenomenet”, and the atmosphere is really different from Ole Ivars. However, the audience are many of the same people as at Ole Ivars. Maybe it is possible to enjoy both Ole Ivars and rap music.

With only three songs left, Kjartan Lauritzen says that he is a bit tired. He therefor asks the audience if anyone knows the lysics to “Nyte D”. Malin Danielsen is pointed out, and she is asked to join Kjartan on stage. She is singing along and is having a good time.

When “Fredag” comes as the last song the atmosphere is really good. However not good enough for Kjartan Lauritzen. He encourages the audience to do a “mosh pit”, and demand that people get crazy on this last song. And this is what happens after some encouraging from stage.  After this song, which could have been a good ending, he plays one of Aviciis songs “Levels”. This is to pay respect to Avicii who just passed away. The audience enjoy this, and the concert is finished with a boom. 

I’m lucky enough to get a short interview with Malin after the concert.  She is very happy with the night. She couldn’t have hoped for more. She thought it was very cool to be on stage with Kjartan Lauritzen and see all the Ås-students from stage. She concludes this experience with “It was really fun!”

I also speak with many people who are happy with the night. It seems like most of the people felt that the concerts had lived up to ,and overdid its expectations. And even though some felt that it was odd to have these to different artist on the same night, are there no one who think this after the concerts. Therefore, the last party night in miniUKA was  big success.