miniUKA has been kicked off

Tekst: Julie Westergaard Karlsen og Silje Kvist Simonsen Foto: Bendik Hassel og Anne Guro Røsæg

miniUKA is here. That means miniUKErelay, a lot of concerts, bars and hangovers

 Sun, good atmosphere and relay

The miniUKErelay, and the whole miniUKA, was opened by STUNT and a remarkable smokeshow, before the UKEboss shared some words about UKA – which we all have been waiting for.

The miniUKErelay theme was Ticket to Ride, and the participants were taken on a wild, beautiful, and somewhat wet journey through the world before finally crossing the finish line at Ås Station, which was moved to Storebrand, by a very well-dressed conductor. Participants were visiting Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Russia, USA and Mexico during the relay. The challenges were many and varied – the participants encountered everything from footballcurling to miniskirace, before they finally met the wall. It is not easy to cross the border between the United States and Mexico. The highlight - for the spectators - was the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, also known as Skogsdammen.

The victory in the first and second heat went to Kontorfløyen and Salgsblokka, respectively, but in the finals, it was the Ozoneteam who finished the victory and vandreplakaten. We congratulate!

 Foto: Bendik Hassel

Foto: Bendik Hassel

Five questions about miniUKA

Five days of party, five questions, five talkative students. I have talked to them about what they think about the upcoming week.


1. What are your plans for miniUKA?

2. How many miniUKER and UKER have you been to? (Including Trondheim)

3. What is your best UKEmemory?

4. What’s the secret to combine drinking, party and studies for an entire month?

5. Dilemma: Would you rather date someone who could’ve been you mother, or painted fences for the rest of you life?


Hanna (20) 

 Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

«See if you can quote me in swedish» 

1.      Participate in as much as possible. Definitly Ole Ivars and silent Disco

2. Two, this is my second one.  

3. I can’t remember if it’s positive or negative

4. A lot of coffee and alcohol

5. Painting fences.  


Yngve (22)

 Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

1. Have fun, look after my friends. Some friends from home are visiting, so I have to look after them. Be a good host.

2. 2.

3. In the UKEgrill at work when Elinor thought I was from Sogndal. We didn’t speak in three months. Now she’s my girlfriend.

4. Respect hte one alarm you should have on your alarmclock. And Vodka Redbull.

5. Date someone who could’ve been my mother, but not more than eight dates!


Henrik (23 – after a long discussion about how old he was)

1. Have fun. Run 3000m beer. That’s my main priority.

2. 3, I have been to Trondheim once.

3. Tonight. I saw a guy throw up in my friends’ kitchen. Another good UKEmemory is from Trondheim. I adopted a chicken who became a good friend.

4. Drink in the evening, study during the day.

5. Freud say that you often are attracted to people who look like your mom. So it has to be the dating.


Håvard (23)

 Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

Foto: Anne Guro Røsæg

1. Experience Kjartan Lauritzen without getting thrown out of Samfunnet. It’s a hairy target. I’m a hairy target kind of guy.

2. 2 in Ålesund («they fcking have UKA in Ålesund»)

3. The best memory is from Ålesund. I was a judge on the waterpost in a bar to bar race. 7-8 people got bonuspoints for drinking their own urin, and 10 people drank naked. I was so drunk they had to close the post.

4. Drink in the morning and study  during the night.

5. I love my mom, definitly that one.  


Herr Anonym

1. Experience. Be drunk, it’s fun. Try new drinks and get inpressed by the bars.

2. It’s 3, I have been to UKEN in Bergen.

3. That’s from Bergen. Karpe Diem had a concert and a random guy sprayed the venue with a fire extinguisher. 4500 people were evacuated.  

4. Prioritize school before UKA! And work when you can.

5. Date someone who could’ve been my mom. My mom will never find out.