The UKEhelp helps you to help 

The answer to how you can have a fun miniUKE at the same time as you are contributing to prevention of child marriage in Malawi, you will get now.  

miniUKA is coming up and the student community is full of volunteering students that do their very best to make this week the best week so far this year. One of them is Selma Solenes Madsen, committee-boss of the UKEhelp. She has taken some time off from the preparations to tell us what her committee works with.  

UKA’ s charity comitee 

When we start talking, I have to admit to Selma that I don’t really know what the UKEhelp does. Luckily she is more than happy to tell us. “The UKEhelp is UKA’s charity comitee” she explains.  

-We provide the possibility for volunteer organizations to support their projects, and we organize different events, and give away the income that is collected.  

As committee-boss, Selma has the responsibility to choose which of the organizations that apply that are being supported. It is not an easy choice, but she decided in the end for a project that she meant stood out from the others.  

Radio against child marriage  

“This year the money is going to Plan International Norge, and their project Radio Timveni.” I barley have time to note the names before Selma eagerly tells me about the project she has chosen.  

-The project is focused on preventing child marriage in Malawi, when this is no longer permitted. Even though it is not permitted anymore, there is only a few of the citizens who knows about the law changes, and there are still arranged children marriages happening. In Malawi there are a lot of people who can’t read or write, and Plan is working to convey the information through radio, so children and teenagers can be enlightened about their rights.  

Bendik Hassel 1.jpeg

Take an unselfish selfie  

During miniUKA there are lots of possibilities to contribute to this good cause. Together with the Photo-club the UKEhelp is putting up a photobooth by the entrance of the bar area, that the partygoers can use during the party nights.  

-In the photobooth you can take funny group photos with effects and backgrounds, that are posted on Facebook.  

The committee-boss also hints for the possibility of taking a selfie with some of the big heroes that are performing during miniUKA.  

This year the UKEhelp also joined a new trend, and that is arranging “Silent disco”. “Last year we had karaoke, but since Silent disco has become really popular, we thought it could be fun to try it. If it is a really great success it will be back for UKA as well. The concept is easy; you rent a pair of headphones and dance in your own world. At the same time as you are supporting a good cause! If you haven’t tried it before, you have to pop by “Halvors Hybel” Friday or Saturday night.  

Save the bottle deposit (your bottles)!  

UKEhjelpa Maria B. Langhelle 1.jpeg

The UKEhelp is really facilitating for anyone to contribute to the collection of charity. On Sunday there is going to be an outdoor movie, and the UKEhelp will be ready with snacks that you can buy and enjoy for the movie. Then you don’t have to feel guilty about eating candy.  

The UKEhelp has another action that is even more doable for most people: 

-A strong appeal for people to collect their bottles! If you are having a preparty on the Saturday you have to leave the bottles, because on Sunday the UKEhelp is collecting bottles.  

You can also do a good deed by laying on your couch with a hangover, as long as you open the door for the UKEhelp, and give them your bottles.  

Meaningful work   

Even though there has been a lot of work as committee boss Selma is grateful for the possibility to contribute to UKA. But as boss for the UKEhelp she gets to contribute to more than just making sure that the students of Ås are doing well. “Collecting money for charity makes the work extra meaningful” she says.  

And even though her volunteers are going to be at the entire festival to support Plan and Radio Timveni, she is also enjoying all the fun stuff that is happening. “I am looking forward to all the concerts, and really just enjoying Samfunnet!” Selma finishes.