Merriment, mischief and mates 

An important part of getting drunk is drunk-food – and the one in charge for this is Ulrik Melhuus, known as the king of late-night snacks during miniUKA and UKA. He has together with a bunch of the vice leaders and volunteers created the best menu of all time, and invited the UKE-journalists for a taste.  


The volunteer friendly menu  

The UKE-menu is crafted especially for volunteers. The menu is mainly based on the students demand, and consists of multiple new and tasty snacks. On demand form the students there is going to be both toast and Mac ‘n’ cheese for miniUKA. The Mac ‘n’ cheese was rich, and is the perfect late-night food after a long and hard night at Samfunnet. The sweet potato fries are also back. Everything on the menu has own prices for volunteers, so you can fill up, even on a student budget.  



UKE burger 


The UKEburger consists of a juicy slice of meat, tomato, onion, salad, aïoli, cheddar and a big layer of guacamole. “It is not modest on the guacamole” as Silje nicely explains it. It is praised for its taste combination – if you love dip and extras this is the burger for you. The UKE burger is the burger that reminds the most of the UKE burger from 2016, which was the bestselling burger that UKE-year. The classic is early announced as Silje’s and Sondre’s favorite, and don’t be surprised if this is the most popular burger this UKE as well.  


Guilty pleasure  

The Guilty pleasure has onion, tomato, pickles, salad and aioli, but it is the bacon, the cheddar and the BBQ – sauce that has given it its name. It is Caroline who describes the burger as “fett og faenskap” who got the idea, and they realized right away that it had to be a part of the menu. The burger is described as “tasty” and “freaking awesome” and is everyone’s favorite. That this newcomer is going to be a success is guaranteed.  


You know I’m a Veggie? 


You know I’m a Veggie? Is as the name indicates the vegetarian burger alternative. The patty mainly consists of chickpeas and eggs, and is irresistibly crispy. As The UKEburger, it comes with; tomato, onion, salad and lots of aïoli and guacamole. The burger is so good that it should be mandatory for all vegetarians, and it is recommended for everyone – especially if you love some crunch.  


Exclusive newcomers on the UTE-barbeque  

UKA’s carpenter committee and house-design committee has spent the last time upgrading the UTE barbeque, with a serving station, a new stroke of paint, and the menu is just as beautiful as the wagon itself. In addition to all the snacks you find in the UKE-barbeque, there is an exclusive selection of toast. If you need something fast and easy on your way to the afterparty, it is recommended to stop by the newly redecorated UTE-barbeque . The toast is exclusive for the UTE- barbeque and you can choose between The classic, Club sandwich and Veggiebunch, with tomato, mozzarella and pesto. The veggie alternative was as Silje describes it: “delicate, easy and really good” and it is complimented for the pesto.  



Allergy-friendly and ecofriendly  

For UKA the UKE-barbeque wants to offer a UKE-burger for vegans. They would love to have that for miniUKA too, but good vegan patties is unfortunately hard to find. The aïoli they have chosen is vegan – so vegans are encouraged to get tons of fries and aioli. There is also gluten free alternatives for the bread, and if you are lactose intolerant you can get a burger without cheese – the UKE barbeque is very service minded. UKA in Ås is a “Miljøfyrtårn”(Environment lighthouse), and is extra considerate towards the environment. For the UKE-barbeque this means that they are using serving equipment from Greenway, with a biological degradability – you can throw it directly in the food waste.