“Oh no” you might be thinking, “Im gonna die tonight.” Well, at least there will be one hell of a last dance!

Omg. Turbonegro. This band is so freaking huge, both here at home and probably most of all abroad. When Lisa travelled in Australia the first question she was asked was: “ARE YOU FROM NORWAY?? SO YOU KNOW TURBONEGRO???”

There is a reason this band has Norway’s probably most dedicated and sect-like fan group calling themselves the “Turbojegend” and makes sure every single concert is filled by Turbonegro-hats and jean jackets. With songs like “City of Satan”, “All my friends are dead” and “Fuck the world”, the mood is set. It quickly turns into loud singing, sweat, blood and tears with figures like “Happy-Tom”, “The Duke of Nothing” and “Euroboy” at the stage of Aud.Max.

This concert will in other worlds be a little piece of hell in Ås. Come join the party!