Sonny Alven is one of the newest addition to Norwegian musicians and producers that creates a racket abroad within the electronic genre. He came as a bolt of lightning in 2015 with the hit “Our Youth” and has since then toured worldwide with Kygo and has over 25 million plays on Spotify.

Lots has been said and written about him and his music, and he is often considered Norway’s hottest and most export friendly artist after Kygo. His music is dominated by fresh and catching electronic pop: its tropical, half-melancholy and has that great touch of long summer nights. First comes Kygo – now comes Sonny Alven! He is a very up-and-coming artist and we are very excited he will come to Ås before he takes off and becomes truly big!

Fasten your blinking shoes, put your glow stick behind your ear, and dust off your “Young, wild and free”-tattoo - we’ll see you at the concert! “They say our youth will fade away, but we’re you and wild if only for today.” Is there a better motto for Ås-students?!