Razika has many years been an audience favorite, with the combination of rock, skabeats and pop melodies. They released their album “Ut til de andre” in 2015, which placed them in the top of Norwegian bands, and today there is almost no one that has not heard of Razika.

This band from Bergen can make even the most quiet of people sing along to the simple, descriptive and direct lyrics. They are all born on the onset of the golden 90s, like many of us Ås-students, which makes is easy to relate to they songs. They write about love, break up, and life in general, from the perspective of four girls. With songs like “Vondt i hjertet”, “Faen ta deg”, and “Syndere I sommersol” the mood will be on top. If you are getting over a break up, you can definitly sing the night away with Razika. The lyrics are honest and simple, but at the same time full of “faenskap”.

Live the band is energetic and give the audience a restlessness that will be turned into a sea of energy, dance and song in Festsalen. We look forward to the show!