Do you think your vocals will hold throughout UKA? Probably not. Why? Because one of Norways most sing-along friendly bands are coming to UKA on the friday of our last weekend: Postgirobygget! Its almost annoying how many of Postgirobygget's song one knows the lyrics to, theres not even gonna be time for bathroombreaks! One of Norways biggest and most beloved bands are ready for Aud.Max., and they expressed great excitment to return to the Ås-crowd. They have had many good concert experiences in Ås, but lets make UKA 2016 the best of the best! Join us in honring Postgirobyggets 20 year album in Aud.Max. This night and singing along to the hit songs of "Idyll", "En solskinnsdag", "Tidløs", "Sløv uten døp" and "Bohemen leve", and they just keep coming. It will be a night on fire , because this will be the last strech of sing-along and nostalgia, and the beer will flow to the sound of Postgirobygget!