They loved Ås, and now they are coming back!

Oslo Ess is a punk-rock band that started their career back in 2010, in “Urørtfinalen”. After that, they have grown to be one of the most popular bands in Norway. Their live performances will rock you out of your shoes, so of course they had to come to UKA 2016! They started quite small, but once they entered the stage they represented a breath of fresh air to Norwegian rock. The band have released four albums and have performed at countless concerts.

In February this year, they released their album “Konge uten ei krone”, six years after they first started. Oslo Ess is known to give everything they have on stage, and they will sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to make sure people get the best possible live experience. If you thought Festsalen was full during Sondre Justad at miniUKA, this time it’s gonna be even crazier!