The best Ås-farmer was going to be crowned. At Storebrand 2.00 PM, the UKEteam was ready to hold the competition, and the elite ofÅs’ farmers slowly began to show up.

Each competitor farmer had to test their raw skills. That involved tasks such as making a knife out of a piece of wood in only 10 minutes, and for instance a shooting practice. For the latter, I wondered if some of them were imagining wild wolves threatening their sheep while pointing their gun towards those empty beer cans. Among other challenges, they also tested their sharp mental performance on the agricultural quiz.

The levels of performance definitely varied among the participants, and because, in Norway, we are all considered winners …. no one is a loser! While there were scores of hammering a huge nail in only 6 punches, others managed the same task in 90 + attempts…

Great job to all the participants, Norge trenger bonden! 

Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez

Photo: Amanda Løvstad and Øda Jørgensen