The biggest UKA event finally arrived last Monday night. Yes - on a Monday night. Samfunnet was covered with all its festive energy, and people were ready to party.

CID started with his set of spectators shaking down to the chill beats, and as the minutes passed more and more people arrived in Aud.Max, filling it up; groups of boys and girls, two best friends holding hands while running to the stage, couples so close to each other that they counted as one. Things were escalating and CID definitely provided the best soundtrack for the opening of the night.

Suddenly, an explosion of screams from the crowd brought us to UKA’s headliner: Galantis!

Powerful "dancing sounds", lights and colours! Bloodshy -one of Galantis members- danced on top of their console for half of the concert, looking like he wanted to join the crowd. The band’s soul Seafox - half jellyfish, half fox - came out to the stage attracted by the explosion of energy.

Both Galantis and the UKA crowd showed us how important it is to spread it like peanut butter jelly and to see a billion dollars in a stranger’s eyes. For a couple of hours, time stood still. We could feel all the LOVE that is out there – and danced to celebrate it.

Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez