Will your voice last during the whole festival? Probably not, because we have booked one of Norways most sing-a-long band!

They will be on stage in Aud.Max. on the final Friday during UKA i Ås 2016! It is almost a bit annoying how many well known songs Postgirobygget have, and how many of them you know by heart! They are one of the most beloved bands in Norway, and they look forward to come back to Ås. Postgirobygget have had many great concerts in Ås, and we think this will be the best! Join in to celebrate Postgirobygget’s 20th anniversary in Aud.Max. 28th of October 2016. There will be sing-a-long to well known songs like “Idyll”, “En Solskinnsdag”, “Tidløs” and “Bohemen Leve”. This is the final Friday during UKA i Ås, you can not miss this! Tickets will be available soon.