miniUKA gave us some sneak peeks of what to expect from the UKErevue, and finally we can release the theme! There is now less than one month left to the Premiere. Meanwhile, enjoy this trailer, and make sure to get your tickets!

The UKErevue is an old, beloved tradition, and the opening act of UKA i Ås. Its proud traditions go all the way back to 1924, and this year’s show in October will be show number 48 since the beginning. The revue has been a cornerstone of UKA i Ås since 1924, and is one of the highlights of the festival. It is also the most important meeting place for Follo’s inhabitants and the student community. As the traditions of revue in Ås can be traced back to 1894, and because the first UKErevue in 1924 became one of the largest economic contributors to UKA i Ås, it is no coincidence that the UKErevue holds a very special place in this cultural festival.

This year’s UKErevue has been titled Livredd! (“Scared to death”), but it is not a thriller, nor is it a morality lesson on how we ought to live. Rather, this revue brings to light the things we fear the most, and will hopefully be able to put it in a perspective that will give you an evening filled with laughter and joy. Maybe this year’s UKErevue can be a reminder that if we all think a little bit about what we ought to, should, or would do, we are on the right path. Some things are simply out of our control, but it’s good to know that doing something is better than doing nothing.

As the oldest tradition of UKA i Ås, the UKErevue has for more than 90 years had the pleasure of gracing UKA i Ås’ poster and program, and it has always been done the good old fashioned way – from scratch. During the course of one and a half year, the crew working with the revue has grown – both in size, with each other, and as an engine that will create a show that does everything a revue should do. We want to spread joy, and we want to entertain and impress you, but we also want to provoke, and stir something in you. Because that is exactly what a revue should do – it should say what it means, honestly and uncensored.

Being the opening fireworks, an old tradition and a society critic, the UKErevue of 2016 will be better than we could ever imagine. We will raise the roof, give you goosebumps, and make the crowd in Aud.Max cry all kinds of tears. Our standards are high, and we demand a lot from ourselves, because we want to show you something you’ve never seen before. How are we going to save ourselves and a world that scares us to death? The Revue group has realized that sitting still with our mouths shut is no longer an option, so we will bring our own team of self-appointed superheroes with nothing more than ordinary powers. Bring a pinch of salt, some patience and well-exercised laughing muscles into Aud.Max, and you will realize that it’s okay to be scared to death, but it’s also okay to laugh (maybe a little bit of yourself). Because honesty and courage are the Revue group’s superpowers, and what we are most scared of are empty chairs. What are you scared of? And even more importantly – what is your superpower?
The revue will be played in Aud.Max all through October, and we can’t wait to hear your laughter fill the halls!