Friday 14th of October, Arif will be kickstarting the student weekend with us. First CC Cowboys will play in Aud.Max., before we move on to Festsalen, where one of Norway's best rappers will be giving us quite a show!

In 2013 Arif Salum (27) said goodbye to his former alter ego Phil T. Rich, with the minialbum ”Aldri & Alltid”. This album marked a wish to work on as himself – Arif.

He invited us into a contrastingly universe through songs with beauty, and where the brutal honesty meets with the simple. His first single ”Kanke Gi Opp” with Magnus Eliassen were released in January. This song represented his brighter side.

From playful pop about dating two girls at the same time, to textst about his own childhood. 
About his mother that came to Norway as an asylum seeker with two master degrees, but no
hope for a job. He sings about nazis in the neighborhood, money in trash bags, love and his way through the musical world in a time where Tungtvann opened the doors for Norwegian rap, and when Madcon made ”Beggin”. It is hope and lie, ugly and beautiful, high and low, expensieve and cheap, good and bad – it is Arif! 


From funk to hiphopinspired beats. Riffs veiled with noise and psychedelic atmospheres. Basslines that will drag you to the edge of your seat, but at the same time makes you so laidback you can fall of the chair. This is Cheap Karma. 

In Febuary the band recorded an EP in England with Paul Reeve. Together with the former Muse-producer the band created a 5 track EP wich will be released 15th of September. They have played a lot of concerts from Denmark to Trondheim, and shared a stage with Lars Vaular, D´Sound, Madcon, Fjorden Baby and got a lot of great reviews. 

"I try to work with bands who I feel I connect with, I like the singer, I like the songs, I like the vibe they're trying to create and Cheap Karma met all of those." 

Paul Reeve (Muse, Supergrass, Razorlight)