What a miniUKE! This has to be said after being completely sold out on Saturday’s concert with a full Aud.Max. and a Festsal which, as far as we know, have never been filled up by more people! What a night! We are incredible grateful to the Ås-students showing up and knowing how to party! miniUKA was booked already in November, and we then started booking artists to UKA in October. 

The program is already starting to take shape, and we are ready to give you a sneak peak to UKA i Ås 2016! 


Allright Ås! This request has been shouted into our ears on several late nights in the Bodega. The band writes about their own start: “Vezalina Bilopphøggers them stared in “romjula” 1979 home in the brewing house of Arnulf Paulsen in Vindlingsbakken in Gjøvik”.

Now, 27 years later, Vazelina is ready to lead us safely through this years “barn party”. The band might not need further introduction; we are all of the generation that watched Vazelinas “hjulkalender” and learned to sing “Surfebrett” in music lessons at middle school. It will be a night where Ås-student can shed nostalgic tears, sing louder than ever before and the floor of Aud.Max. will sway under swing-dancing students. It will not get any more Ås than this! We don’t know if the rumors are true, but all of them are supposed to have gone to NMBU, on the old “bilopphøggerlinja” at NLH. In other words, they should know how to make a show in Aud.Max!


Razika has many years been an audience favorite, with the combination of rock, skabeats and pop melodies. They released their album “Ut til de andre” in 2015, which placed them in the top of Norwegian bands, and today there is almost no one that has not heard of Razika. This band from Bergen can make even the most quiet of people sing along to the simple, descriptive and direct lyrics. They are all born on the onset of the golden 90s, like many of us Ås-students, which makes is easy to relate to they songs. They write about love, break up, and life in general, from the perspective of four girls. With songs like “Vondt i hjertet”, “Faen ta deg”, and “Syndere I sommersol” the mood will be on top. If you are getting over a break up, you can definitly sing the night away with Razika. The lyrics are honest and simple, but at the same time full of “faenskap”. Live the band is energetic and give the audience a restlessness that will be turned into a sea of energy, dance and song in Festsalen. We look forward to the show!


After only a year as a group, the duo Skinny Days have already been streamed over 5 million times on Spotify, had one of the best concerts during By:Larms and had their singles on the top lists of both Norway and Denmark. The duo consists of Dag Holtan-Hartwig and Halvor Fostad, and their music is dominated by genius pop melodies that will make your dancing feet start moving. The music also has sharp contrasts of EMD, which make the music both catchy and easy to dance to. These guys are predicted to get big in the music arena, so we are lucky to snatch them up before they outgrow Ås. Check out their music, dance to it in the next months of summer, because in October they will take Festsalen by storm during UKA I Ås. This will be a party! 


The young rapper from Oslo Cezinando released his first EP already at 16 years old. In the following years he has been very productive, releasing two albums at the age of 20, a third being released 6. Mai. February this year was a huge victory for Cezinando when he was named “Årets Urørt” on the main stage in Oslo with the song “€PA”. Among the judges was Veronica Maggio who said about Cezinando, “You have an incredible presence on stage! It is rare to see such glow at the same time as being completely relaxed” In other words, this is one of Norway’s hot and up-and-coming artist we are talking about. Cezinando are shown as a fresh breath in Norwegian hip-hop and is complimented both in his music and liveshow. He has a busy summer ahead, and we are confident he will further have perfected his show when coming to Halvors Hybel in October. This is the hip-hop scene in Norway’s biggest hope and you can see him at UKA in October! 

So ready yourself, and keep eyes and ears open for more news about UKA. And please God (yes, we are two «sørlendinger» in the booking group) listen to the music! We think UKA i Ås 2016 is going to be crazy good.

All the best, the booking group, Maria, Per Kristian og Lisa.