"Hello, Ås!

We are coming to Ås next Wednesday to have a great time with you. "Verdens Rikeste Land" (The world's richest country) on NRK P3 is based on news - all personal, national and international, and will be this evening as well.

First, our friend and colleague Ronny Brede Aase will join us on stage - he will be joining a series, that we have been running for two years, called "one right, and two wrong". That means that he will be sharing one thing he loves, and two that he hates about society/everyday life/anything! We have no idea what this cheerful man from Førde will share with us this evening.

Then we will get rid of Ronny, and bring in two of our favorite politicians - Henrik Asheim from Høyre (Conservative Party) and Jette Christensen from Arbeiderpartiet (Labour Party). They will be followed by Sigrun Aasland from the think tank Agenda. Agenda has published several articles on how our democracy needs to be refreshed - and this is the theme for our show. 

Is it really enough to go voting in a gymnasium (yes, that's how we do it here in Norway) every fourth year? Is this the best way to rule Norway in 2016!? And are the parties more concerned with winning TV debates and the next election, rather than thinking in long terms?

We will be trying to enlighten this during the show. The part regarding democracy will also be broadcasted on NRK1 in May. 

Invite a friend or five to join you, and we will see you on Wednesday! :)

Greetings, Niklas & Mathias in VRL"