Check this out! The people working on the revue works day and night to create the miniUKArevue 2016! Join them Friday 15th of April and see them in action on stage!

The doors opens at 19.30, and the revue starts precisely at 21.00! We are sorry for the mistake on our program in the last edition of Tuntreet

UKA actors: Kristian, Didrik, Håkon, Oscar, Hans Christian, Caroline, Hanne, Veslemøy, Marte

UKA band: 
Trombone: Håkon, Saxofon: Margarethe May, Trumpet: Silje Dale, Guitar: Carl Frederik, Keys: Peder, Drums: Jostein, Bass: Johannes

UKA dancers: Embla, Mathilde, Trude Elise and Monica