Photo: Heidi Engeland

Photo: Heidi Engeland

Written by Kai Bruce

This Sunday afternoon in Aud.Max, miniUKA-goers congregated together once again to indulge in the International Student Union’s 2016 International Food Festival. The chef’s and sous-chef’s of NMBU organized into groups to represent their respective national culinary delicacies. Guests were allowed 3 free tickets for any stall of their fancy and most were paralyzed by the decisions they were going to have to make... Belgian pralines or French éclairs? Tiramisu or Finnish Pasha? Tortilla de patatas or curried chicken?

Highlights from the day: Nepal, the winners for the most-visited stall with a number of mouth melting spicy curry dishes; USA, winners for greatest presentation (see Michelle/Barack Obama); and Sudan, the winners for the best taste, generously doling out falafel and gurassa and various curries. A great thanks to ISU and its members for organizing a fabulous event, we await the next one with empty stomachs. 

Photo: Heidi Engeland og Henrik Aulie Søvik

The last day of miniUKA also contained playing games with "NMBU Gaming" and "Spillforeningen Både Kort og Bredt". Take a look at the photos here: