Photo: Bendik Hassel

Photo: Bendik Hassel

By Jon Eskild M Sæther

miniUKA 2016 was rounded off with a concert in Halvors Hybel, cosily furnished with sofas, pillows and rustic steel lamps for the occasion. On the stage the Norwegian band kildaphew were playing their slow hip-hop-beats. The group normally consists of the duo Danielle Brogden and Andreas Lanesjord alias Teapot & thismorning, but this time they had the musical support of two other people on stage. The attending students this Sunday evening experienced a different concert atmosphere than usual in Samfunnet.

The band members contributed with rap, guitar, bass, different synths, sampling, tambourine play and flipping fingers (!). It`s a bit hard to place their music in a precise genre, but it includes elements from hip-hop, electronica and soul. The clear presence and performance of the musicians combined with a tempo rarely exceeding 100 bpm made for a very good musical experience. kildaphews only song on Spotify, “Blunt truth”, was one of the highlights of the evening. The traditional additional song was purely electronical.

Creds to the booking responsibles for a very good arrangement, and an encouragement to have more such artists and events during UKA in Ås this fall. It may demand a bit more from the audience, but the yield is correspondingly. Often the really big things happen on the small stages.  

Photo: Henrik Aulie Søvik og Bendik Hassel