Donald Trump received a million dollars from his father when he was 18 and turned them to 4,5 billion in 50 years (according to Trump "at least 10"). So what were the NMBU students able to do with 300 NOK in 24 hours?  

UKA collaborated with EIK Ideversted and NMBU Technology Transfer about miniUKA ́s Money Race.  

Every team were giver 300 as a start up, with a seemingly easy goal – increase the amount (within legal boundaries). We summarize their effort and can conclude that the task has been solved with good innovation spirit.   

Been and Bakkes Hair salon aimed at a great salon experience with focus on the atmosphere. The consumers experienced tropical decorations, Netflix fireplace (Paradise Hotel for 20 NOK ekstra), and the absence of awkward hairdresser conversations. B&B raised 1300 NOK and serviced a dozen costumers. Their enterprise was a hit on Facebook.