Photo: Bendik Hassel

Photo: Bendik Hassel

Written by Kai Bruce

20:50. A few loners stand dispersed throughout Aud.Max. sadly wondering if they had been given the wrong time for Lars Vaular.

21:20. Half an hour later. Lars Vaular and his crew have hundreds of peoples´ proverbial pants around their ankles being swept up and infected by the writhing mass of warm bodies getting down to some hard hitting beats straight from the West Coast.

Lars Vaular was indeed a highly qualified candidate to head off the final night of miniUKA on Saturday. The audience was blessed by impressive live-instrumentation and moving vocal harmonies in emotional 1980s-influenced rap ballads such as “Det Ordnar Seg For Pappa”. The hungry crowd was repeatedly hypnotized into some group-mentality mob state during Vaular´s fat-bassed trap hits (i.e. listen to “Stripar”), yet they were continually finding themselves enjoying tasteful saxophone solos and heart stopping bass lines.

It’s highly debateable whether both audience and artist climaxed during the final “encore”, or during “Eg E Fra Bergen” where the audience, from all corners of Norway (and the world), chanted and jumped in enthusiastic unison “Bergen, Bergen!”. Our serotonin levels then began to plummet as we realized Vaular’s last shout-out to the crowd marked the near-end of another incredibly lively miniUKA. With the rest of the night ahead of them, the audience members shuffled and squeezed their way out of Aud.Max. to find various refreshments and appetite-pleasers. A very warm thanks to Lars Vaular et al. for an aggressively absorbing show!

Photo: Bendik Hassel, Espen Mikkelborg, Kristian Haraldsen and Runa Tunheim