Photo: Henrik Aulie Søvik

Photo: Henrik Aulie Søvik

Text: Aleksander Heen

Like always, UKA and Mannskoret Over Rævne arranged 3000-meter beer at Storebrand. This is the happening which combines endurance with beer drinking skills, and it was a real kick-off for the evening.

Calories consumed equals calories burnt, they say. That is why 3000-meter beer must be the perfect combination of physical activity and alcohol drinking. Lots of students turned up to participate or to just watch the run. The student unions also had a lot of participants.  

There are three classes, women 3000, men 3000 and women 1500-meter. Further, they compete in the elite class and the tourist class. If you spit, puke or spill beer, you automatically qualify to the tourist class. No matter class, there where a lot of strong performances.

This year’s winners are:

K1500                   Kristin Sandeggen           8:53

M3000                  Ola Jonassen                     14:50

K3000                   Ragnhild Aas                     24:40    


Heard during 300-m beer:

Beer is good

More beer to the sports

Beer and sport is an underestimated combo

This is just awful

This is a BIG sport

My stomach won’t do this anymore

Blurry greeting Tiril 22 minutes

I did it for Elizabeth the second – I hear she’s a fan of Pilsner

Hup Holland Hup


Photo: Henrik Aulie Søvik and Nina Vold Johansen