Photo: Amanda Løvstad

Photo: Amanda Løvstad

Journalist : Ingeborg Høyaas

Friday 16th April the stage was set for the miniUKErevy. In great contrast to previous events in Aud.Maz. the whole room was filled with people and high expectations already 21:00. There was excitement in the air, along with waves of music from Åsblæst’n that played us through the soon open doors. When entering Aud.Max. the mood was great, all chairs occupied and people standing where there was space. The head of UKA welcomed us all: let the show begin!

The opening sketch was a car driver struggling with the settings on the GPS. Both stepmother and a “råner” from Fredrikstad wanted only left turns, while Sylvi Listhaug wanted a “return!” This was one of the most popular sketches in the crowd. Throughout the revy there was a political undertone, where satire was much used in many of the sketches. In one round of “ Sharia-bingo” one could win both virgins and machine guns, and in a sketch about a middle aged, middle class in the middle of a mid-life crisis, the refugees over the Mediterranean sea. Might stretch it a little too far for some in the audience, but the revy actors get some good points across.

There was also situations we are familiar with here in Ås. The both loved and hated smalltalk situations were taken up with a boxing arena where dry and superficies phrases were thrown back and forth in the court with running comments. In a video made before the show, the stunt with «crackers in a reading hall» was preformed. All in all, this was a delightful experience, the dancers shone and the actors got much deserved applause and laughter through the show. The sound crew should also get their deserved credit –even from the back row could one hear voices clearly, something that has not always been the case during previous shows at Ås. We cant wait to the UKErevy!

Photo : Amanda Løvstad, Kari Kvandal and Thea Gjølberg