Text: Simen Slaatten Skistad

We are some excited journalists waiting for the Verdens Rikeste Land-boys. This is the first TV recording of Verdens Rikeste Land, and it is not easy to know what questions to ask. We bring the boys up to the make-up room at Samfunnet for a small an informal interview. Niklas Baarli and Mathias Nylenna sit down in the couch and exclaims instantly “Wow, what a deep couch!” We get ourselves comfortable and our first question is a typical UKA question.

When you are partying, what do you drink?
We are both very fond of beer. Sometimes we drink maybe one or two too many, like the time Mathias went to UKA i Ås and Bjørn Rosenstrøm concert. He drank maybe one beer too much that night!

How did you react when you got the message that you could have your program at TV?
We had talked about it for a couple of years already, so we thought that it might could happen, but of course, when we got the message we were very happy and excited. We have been on TV earlier, both with election broadcastings on NRK and things like that. Niklas also joined the P3-auksjonen 2015, so this setting is not completely unfamiliar to us. But this is a whole different thing, it is our own show, where our own ideas come to life, so we are really looking forward to it! We have broadcasted Verdens Rikeste Land on P3 for four years now, so now was really the time! No, I’m just kidding, this is something we are very excited about!

Are you quitting with radio, or is this just a trial?
We have a radio break now that lasts two weeks, where we make these TV recordings. Our first TV recording is here in Ås, then we go to Volda and at last Trondheim. We are going back to radio as usual at P3 when we are finished with the recordings.

So, how will it go? To have the usual P3 program at the same time as your TV programme is being broadcasted at TV?
We haven’t talked about it that much really, we’ll take it on the fly. But there is of course a possibility to get some input from the TV recording to the radio broadcast, if the chance arises. We also hope that the news picture hasn’t changed too much from when the TV recording was made, to when it will be shown on TV! There is three episodes to be made, and the first will be shown in May at NRK. It will be really exciting!

Are you going to party after the show today then?
No, sadly we won’t. We would really like to share a UKEbeer with you, but we are headed straight to Oslo after the show. You know, this jetset life! But if we get an invitation to UKA i Ås in October, we’ll be happy to come, both for show and party!

And you guys – you’ll have that now! From all of us in UKA i Ås, to you in Verdens Rikeste Land, see you in October!