Photo: Ingvill Handegård Eikelund

Photo: Ingvill Handegård Eikelund

Text: Karoline K. Bjørnaali

Between soundcheck and dinner serving I get some minutes with OMVR and his team backstage. OMVR, or Omar Mohamed Ahmed which is his real name, tells that this is not his first time in Ås. When he was studying, he had to friends who were living in Ås, and he travelled here lots of weekends. He also joined UKA in 2010.

“What do you think of Ås?”
“I studied in Oslo, at Blindern, but there wasn’t any student environment. And then you come here, and it is suddenly very good! I remember people talked about Hankattloftet and such weird things. It isn’t anything much happening here outside of the student life, and it is good that people don’t move to Oslo, but do things here.”

Omar tells that he always had an interest in music, but it took some time before he found out that he could do it full time. In 2011 he began writing, and in 2012 he participated in The Voice, which started his career. As a small boy, Omar was inspired by the artist Noora Noor, who is from Somalia and raised in Norway. “If she can do it, then there is hope for me too, I thought”. “Today I get most inspiration from Brayton Bowman, he mashes untraditional songs, in addition to being a good cover artist. He is cool!” The song Omar enjoys the most singing at concerts are “Wishful thinking”. “We struggled a bit with the song in the beginning, and then we fixed it, and it became a favourite among us all. It is so relaxed and nice, and I also like the text a lot.”

“Since we’re in Ås, I have to ask… Could you have a life as a farmer?”
“No. I come from a tiny place, Vegårdshei, so many of my friends come from farms, but no. Never. I am very fond of animals, men I don’t want to shovel muck and feed and such things. I want to come there, pet the animals and go!” he laughs.

No, it will certainly not become a farmer of Omar. I should change the subject to music again, and asks if he has a specific target for his career. “To reach international. I really want that. To record more songs, to write songs for other artists, travel around, to the States, to Asia… I just want to travel and play music!” This summer, Omar plays at other festivals, among Slottsfjell, Spekter og Heimover. His next single is released at 13. May, and there will be and EP later. “Thankyou, I am looking forward to the concert!” “Yes, thank you, I think it will be cool”! Omar smiles.