Photo: Bendik Hassel

Photo: Bendik Hassel

OMVR in Festsalen

Wednesday 14. April miniUKA’s first party night started, to the great pleasure of Ås. Samfunnet was filled with functionaries with it’s committee chiefs, bar functionaries in familiar union clothing and excited students. New drinking menus, new food and new artists made the student crowd more ready for party than ever.

The lucky artist who got to open the night was OMVR(Omar). He lined up in Festsalen as we know him – in his characteristic black hat. The concert started, and the audience was seduced with club, soul and funk, which filled the room with good vibes. After some calm songs, he brought the pace up, and the atmosphere rose to the ceiling. Sometimes he took a dance-off with the audience, and brought a warm good vibe to the audience. “Omg, I love the vibe!” he shouted breathless.

While is first single was released in 2015, and there are not many songs to be called “old”, he preformed a couple of new songs which yet is not to find in Spotify. The audience felt flattered. After the concert, a lot of people tried to applause him onto the stage again to make a last dance. The conclusion is: both artist and audience was very satisfied with this night.


ÅGMC in Halvors

After an up-and-coming artist, there is nothing better than to watch Ås acquaintances enjoy the stage in Halvors, and it was exactly what we did! The NMBU students Halvard Grimstad, Erlend Kloster-Jensen, Eirik Reitar, Kaspar Gamman, Christian Schultz and Kaab al-Nasser have been working together with different styles of music for a long time. Now, they made a kind of rap group and together they make varied hip hop. This night you could also hear Ås local classics like “NPK” and “Soulside Reggae” with UKAs revue chief, Sølvi Maria Stordalen.

The concert was a throwback to old and familiar songs, but also a release of their new EP, Vol. 1. The boys come with explosive energy at the stage – sometimes they are only two people at the stage, and sometimes the whole crew makes the audience join the fun. The songs we heard was inspired by the life in Ås and the Ås culture.

There is no better way to kick off miniUKA than celebrating the fellow students volunteer work to make a good atmosphere, and therefore ÅGMC was a perfect beginning of the five-day long festival in Ås. Now, you can’t do anything but looking forward to meet more exciting artists over the next days.