Wednesday the 13th of April there will be recorded a TV show in Aud.Max.! The radioshow ”Verdens Rikeste Land” will try to enter the world of TV, and they are coming to Ås and to miniUKA! They will build a scene in the middle of Aud.Max. and you have the chance to be in the audience. There is a limited number of seats, so you have to get a ticket fast. The show is for free, but you have to book a ticket online on Hoopla.

Mathias Nylenna and Niklas Baarli are the radio hosts and together they talk about important and not so important topics. Their show is broadcasted live every afternoon on NRK P3. Now they are entering the stage and you can see them live in Aud.Max. the first day of miniUKA!

Key words for the show is: domestic policy, foreign policy and personal policy, but the main theme is our democracy.

Together with them on stage they have politicians and experts, and by using modern technology like a camera and microphones this show will be on TV in May. So dress up, comb your hair as Donald Trump and show up in Aud.Max.!

Date: 13.04.16
Time: 19.30 – 21.00 (the doors will close at 20.00 when the show starts, so make sure you are there on time!)
Place: Aud.Max.
Age limit: allowed for everyone


miniUKA is finally here and the whole thing starts with our brand new concept: the miniUKErelay! Every step of the relay contains different challenges and the team with the best time will win. We begin with initial rounds and then ends up with a finale where the best team wins. How the steps will be is a secret so far, but we can guarantee a lot of action and fun both for the participants and the audience. Everything will be at Storebrand. The UKEgrill will sell food and soft drinks. There is a price for the winning team. STUNT also have some plans for this kick-off, so join in and we promise a lot of fun!

Date: 13.04.16
Time: Registration from 14.00. The relay starts at 15.00 and ends ca. 16.30.
Place: Storebrand

Concert: ÅGMC

ÅGMC is the result of the best, or the worst, of NMBUs music producers. NTNU has Knutsen and Ludvigsen, NMBU has ÅGMC. With productions as Burger Boyz, Grimstad Lydsystem, UKAsongs, Revue productions, Christian Colier aka CS aka Schultz, Eplehagen songs aka ØPV aka NPK aka Soulside reggae this group finally makes a production together! This is a group that will show that Ås is more than fields and cows with holes in them. 

Date: 13.04.16
Time: After the OMVR concert
Place: Halvors Hybel

miniUKA Money-Race

When Donald Trump was 18 years old he got 1 million dollar from his father. During 40 years he turned them into 4,5 billions! How much can you make out of 300 NOK in 24 hours?

Together with EIK Ideverksted and NMBU Technology Transfer UKA presents; miniUKAs Money-Race! A group of maximum 5 people will be given 300 NOK with one goal: to make it as much as possible!

During 24 hours the groups will use creativity to make as much money possible out of 300 NOK. The 300 NOK must be given back when finished (you must earn at least 300 NOK) and they will go to UKEhjelpa. You can then choose to give the rest of your money to UKEhjelpa or keep it yourself. The group witch earns the most will get an award of 6000 NOK, and the most creative group will get an award of 2000 NOK. The participations will have dinner for free Thursday evening, and coffee and snacks during the 24 hours. There will also be a tutor to ask if any questions. The competition will finish at 16.00 on Friday the 15th of April.

Date: 14.04.16 – 15.04.16
Time: 16.00 – 16.00
Place: Samfunnet

The Prisoners on the Fort

Friday during miniUKA there will be a race. This time the theme is ”The Prisoners on the fort”. This day Samfunnet and Campus will be transformed into a fort where the task is to get the whole team out of the fort by finding keys. For every ”cell” visited on the way the team will have to solve different tasks, both mentally and physically. Cooperation is a key word here, and will be important for every team. The team with most points in the end will win, and there will be a price for the winning team. So make a team with 4 – 6 people and meet outside the Bodega Entrance at 11.30am! The UKEgrill will sell food and drinks the whole day.

Date: 14.04.16
Time: 11.30 – ca. 14.30
Place: Bodega Entrance

3000M BEER

The BEst and only male choir in Ås, Over Rævne, are once again hosting our annual event; 3000m BEER.
This is an arena where talented athletes and BEer drinkers are BEing put to the test. Bring BEer and good mood, as either a participant or spectator.

Registration is from 15:00 to 15:40 at the Storebrand stadium. 
It's recommended to register on Hoopla prior to the race. 
The race starts at 16:00 sharp.

World record holder is Stian Stensland at 14:31. 
Best lady is Therese Svarte at 21:30.

International rules:
One beer must be drunk (0.33L (minimum) and 4.5%) per round in the designated finish area. This is done on a typical 400-meter track. Each bottle must be completely emptied of both liquid and foam.
The guys will be drinking a total of 7 beers and running 7 laps at a total of 3000m.
The girls will be drinking a total of 4 beers, the first one when the race starts. They run 1500m. The girls are welcome to run 3000m if they like.

Cohesive spitting lasting more than 1 second will disqualify you to the tourist class.
The elite class are those who do not spit at all during the race, and they will have a chance to win. If you do not complete within 60 minutes after the race starts you must leave the track, and if you break beer bottles you end up in the tourist class.

The event is just for NMBU students. Welcome!

Date: 16.04.16
Time: 15.00
Place: Storebrand

Soft Sunday with NMBU Gaming and Spillforeningen Både Kort og Brett // Kildaphew

After an active and eventful miniUKE we will slow it all down with Soft Sunday! Together with NMBU Gaming and Spillforeningen Både Kort og Brett you can leave the hangover at home and meet at Samfunnet to hang out. Here you can play different games, have a beer or some food. This will be arranged at the same time as the International Food Festival. In the evening Kildaphew will play in Halvors Hybel. We promise a unique, chill, amazing, warm and laidback concert. Bring a friend and relax in Halvors with great music.

Date: 17.04.16
Time: 14.00. Kildaphew will start at 18.00
Place: Samfunnet