No worries! Have a look at our promotion video below. Remember that tickets will be released Friday the 12th of February at 12.00.

The program for miniUKA is released, and we in the UKE organization can finally talk about the exciting musicians that are coming to Ås!!! 

Saturday during miniUKA is going to be hot and right in the spotlight. Two of Norway’s hottest artists are coming to Ås, both of them with a great year behind them. We have booked Lars Vaular, the artist from Bergen with his greatest year in 2015. This was the year he headlined Øyafestivalen, a yearly rock-and pop festival, released the critique-praised triple album «666», and sold out several big concerts all over Norway. Vaular has won the P3-gold price and has four nominations to Spelemannspriser. Right now he is one of Norways absolutely greatest artists, and he has never been better! He will definitely create a magic night in Aud.Max.! Listen, learn and sing along with everyone around you: DU MÅ HA, DU MÅ HA, SOLBRILLER PÅ! ("You must have sunglasses on!") 


Next one on stage, Sondre Justad, came in like a rocket in the autumn 2015, and has in short time become one of Norway’s greatest stars. He is already booked to several big festivals this summer, including Øyafestivalen, and sold out concerts is a tag here as well. He sings about love and broken hearts in the album “Riv i hjertet” which got Dagbladet’s (a Norwegian newspaper) musical critique to name him “the new wonder boy of pop”.  A loyal group of fans will be standing first row in Festsalen, singing along with many blushing cheeks and burning hearts. So don’t let anyone dance alone this night, because this will be quite a party, with both dancing and tears, and Justad is going to charm every heart that is not already won over.

The first artist on stage during miniUKA is OMVR. He is praised by music critiques both in Norway and abroad, and there is little doubt that 2016 will be the biggest year for OMVR so far in his career. He will play in several great festivals this summer, and how awesome is it that he will first guest Festsalen during miniUKA in April? We in Ås will be first out dancing, sweating and singing along with OMVR to his music, which is yet fresh, smoking, young, accomplished and exciting.

So come on! Let your hair out and join the party, before licking your wounds on Sunday. Then it is "soft Sunday! with a calm concert with the relaxing, interesting and different music to Kildaphew. Kildaphew is made up of Danielle Brogden and Andreas Lanesjord, and they are experimenting with beats, spoken-words, afro and political texts. Kildaphew is maybe the least known artists who guest miniUKA, but don’t be fooled! This is a chance to see an artist that will dominate music in Norway in the next years. It is predicted that this is going to be one of the comets in 2016, and they are already ready for the Festival on Slottsfjellet. You don’t want to miss this!

Take part in the UKA experience, and don’t miss the most exciting music Norway has to offer. We are not afraid to say that it will be the greatest miniUKA of all time, we are crazy excited and we hope you are as well!