Dear visitors, artists, collaborators, and last but not least volunteers for UKA in Ås 2016,

Thank you all so very much for a magical month here on the "countryside". What has been accomplished in Ås these past few weeks is no small feat. World famous stars, as well as local names, came through Samfunnet and delivered a cultural experience of the upmost quality. We dared to take a chance, and the audiences showed despite the train strike that hit exactly during the entire UKA period.

It is with a bit of a heavy heart that we now write "November," but we are already beginning to look forward to UKA in Ås 2018 that a whole new organization will set up. I hope that everyone who has been a part of UKA in Ås 2016 has taken away from it many good memories and acquaintances, and of course, I hope it was your highlight that never ends. It will always be that for me, anyway.

UKEgreetings from Markus Kværner