This time it was Ås turn to experience the UKEparade and at midday the student’s organizations started the walk from Samfunnet to the city center in accompany with music from the marching band, songs from the choirs and cheering screams of the participants. In this lovely and cold afternoon although there were a lack of student spectators, maybe still on a deep sleep after only two days of UKA events, the fields and their autumn colors witnessed the parade, portraying a beautiful agriCULTURAL landscape.   

While the march was slowly entering the center of Ås, many curious locals were watching with a discreet smile on their faces, probably getting ready for an entire month of their ”longest highlight” that UKA is so famous for.

During the opening ceremony, the NMBU’s Rector gave a speech full of warm congratulations to all the students involved in this year’s UKEfestival. Then the chorus sang some joyful notes and finally: The World Record of painting the most faces in 15 minutes was broken!

At the end of the ceremony three playful members of the Hankatten association, each with a six-pack of beers in their hands, responded to my curious inquiry

- So what are your plans for the rest of the evening guys?

Their answers in order of appearance went like this: 

1. - Drink, drink, drink!

2. I have to work (sick!), and;

3. Party and singing and dancing and …


Text: Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez.