Photo: Bendik Hassel

Photo: Bendik Hassel


Finally, the time had come for UKA 2016 – “Your longest highlight” to begin. After having paraded the streets of Oslo with the UKAparade earlier the same day, it was time for the grand opening in Aud.Max. with the UKErevue 2016. It was a very special evening, with lots of women and men in their finest clothes walking the red carpet. Everyone gathered in Aud.Max, all very excited to witness the opening of UKA 2016.

Although the opening was a bit delayed, it was well worth the wait. Because it was certainly a grand opening, and a great way to start UKA. The first ones to speak were “Ærwerdige Formand” and “Administrerende Direktør” from the fraternites “den X-Clusive Stiftelse PB” and “Hankattene” respectively. Their speeches were both entertaining and well crafted, and ended with cutting the ribbon that marked the opening of UKA 2016. The UKAchief Markus Kværner was next one up, and he held a moving speech thanking all the volunteers and sponsors.

After the formal opening, it was time for the highlight of the evening, the UKErevue. Made exclusively by and for students, this years show was no exception. At its best it was satire mocking both “Kommunaldepartementet” (the municipality department) and the Norwegian Ski Federation, and the regular Ås-references were also used frequently throughout the show. If I am to highlight one unique feature, it would be the script writers’ ability to cleverly sneak little references into the show without making it too obvious. Altogether, it was a great opening of UKA 2016, topped off with a brilliant UKErevue.

Translator: Dina Norum Kivle

Photos: Bendik Hassel, Kirsti Øfsthus Henriksen and Solveig Myklebust