On Saturday we celebrated the great final of UKA. Both Veronica Maggio and Oslo ESS performed on full venues, and it felt like the whole city of Ås and beyond were at Samfunnet where the longest highlight came to and end.

The night opened in Aud.Max where Veronica Maggio and her funky band played. Her performance varied between powerful and dancy, to more relaxing with soft love songs. The Swedish girl really knows how to move Norwegian crowds.

After Maggio’s concert, Oslo Ess started to play in Festsalen. It was almost impossible to move around, but that didn't stop anyone from dancing to the rhythm of their punk rock. During this performance the crowd went from dancing with discrete movements and singing along, to crazy head bangs and dancing on their friend's shoulders.

We all know that we are not supposed to go to concerts only for the most famous hits, but both Veronica Maggio’s “Jag kommer” and Oslo Ess' “Amerika” made the crowd go crazy. Everyone overtook the lead singer’s voice and it was like the band played only for the audience to perform the songs.

As UKA promised us, we stayed on our longest highlight the whole time. Now it’s time to rest for some days and then catch up with… oh yeah. Studies!  Good luck with that to all of us.

Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez

Photo: Christine Blix, Erik Røstad, Jorunn Bakke Johannessen and Kari Helena Kvandal