Samfunnet was crammed when Postgirobygget and Julie Bergan visited Ås this Friday, UKA’s second last day. Postgirobygget was first, and delivered a great atmosphere and singalong from the crowd, as expected. Good old hits like Idyll, Luftmadrass, Solskinnsdag and Bohemen leve got Aud. Max to reply with thrilled dancing and loud applause. There were two extra numbers, and it seemed like the former Trondheim students had a lot of fun being back at Ås.

Julie Bergan offered quite a different genre of music, but the good mood from Aud. Max earlier that night was passed on to Festsalen. Bergan bounced around on stage and got the audience to join the dancing. The show was entertaining, and the singer herself had a good connection with the crowd through the concert. The audience was handed a selection of old and new songs that was rounded off by the hit «Arigato», which made the atmosphere go through the roof.

Translation: Kjersti Prestrud 

Photo: Christine Blix, Johanne Grøndahl Klausen, Maria Langhelle and Oda Jørgensen