176 eager runners showed up on Friday to participate in Ås’ modt important sports event: the infamous 3000 meter beer at Storebrand. This is known to be a race that requires good physique, large stomach volume and good tactics with respect to alcohol consumption. People from the different student organizations and others came in their most beautiful sport’s outfits and the atmosphere was impeccable, though some showed a hint of nervousness.

The race was completed in good spirit, in spite of many of the participants having a hard time. One of those was Lærken HvorvardudajegstjAlvin, who sadly established to the UKEpaper: “I have realized that my body isn’t made for this.” He was later observed lying in the grass in fetal position, and the outcome is uncertain.

One who apparently has made for combining running and alcohol consumption is Kristin Sandeggen. This sporty “hunkatt” already had a victory from the women’s class, and decided to win once more, this time in the men’s class. The UKEpaper is impressed and congratulates.

As usual unhealthy amounts of beer were consumed, kilometers were covered in all different speeds and “spitting” was done by the book. And with that, another successful 3000 m beer can be written in the history books.

Photo: Ingvill Eikelund, Kiristi Henriksen and Oda Jørgensen